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How to Hang a Flag on a Wall

How to Hang a Flag on a Wall

Do you want to showcase your patriotism to everyone who walks into your house? While wall art and family photos are traditional, you can’t go wrong by also highlighting your love for the red, white, and blue. The same applies to any business that wants to do the same.

Yet, before you simply tack it up, it’s important to know the right protocols. Just as there are methods to follow when raising, lowering, and folding a flag, you also need to know how to hang a flag on a wall the right way.

Today, we’re sharing the steps to follow so you can stay reverent while helping your space look its best.

Ensure Flag Quality

Before you start hanging a flag on a wall, take the time to thoroughly assess its condition. Does it look worn, old, or tattered? If so, consider investing in a new one.

This shows your reverence to the United States, as well as the men and women who have fought to protect and honor it. The only exception would be if the flag held special importance to you, such as an antique or heirloom one.

Need a Stars and Bars flag to hang proudly? Check out to find your new favorite.

Determine Ideal Location

Once you have the right flag in hand, it’s time to think about where you want to hang it. Are there any other decorations or photos on the wall? If so, think about how the flag will look in comparison to them, and try to place it in a location that won’t overwhelm the space.

If you only have one flag, consider hanging it at eye level, so everyone who passes by can see and enjoy it. If you have more than one flag, you have a few different options.

First, you can consider hanging all of your flags on the same wall, creating a gallery display that pays homage to your collection. Or, you could hang them all in a row, creating a border that goes as far around the room as possible.

Orient the Flag Correctly

No matter how high or low you choose to hang a flag on a wall, it’s critical to get the orientation right. When you look at the flag, the stars should always be in the upper lefthand corner or the highest point. This applies whether you hang the flag vertically or horizontally.

This applies to any wall in any room in your home. However, there is one important caveat to know. If you’re hanging the American flag in a window to inspire others as they walk outside of your house, then everything will be in reverse.

In this case, the stars will go in the upper righthand corner, so it looks correct to those on the exterior.

Choose the Right Method to Secure

No matter how you decide to hang a flag, it’s important that the method you choose does not create any defect in the flag itself. For this reason, most people choose to stay away from traditional hanging hardware, such as nails and screws.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top choices.

Spring Clips

Instead, look for tools that allow you to hang the flag without affecting its structure or quality. Spring clips are a great choice. These adhere gently but securely to the item you’re hanging, and can easily be removed from the wall by pulling on a small tab.

Not only will these keep your flag in great shape, but they’re also safe to use on almost any wall surface! In addition to standard drywall, you can also use spring clips on:

  • Finished wood
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Glass

To use the clips, start by determining where the top of the flag should be. Then, apply two clips in the top corners. Attach the flag to the clips, and pull it taunt. Then, add two more clips on the bottom corners to complete the job.

Most packs of spring clips come with eight total pieces. If you have two flags, you should be able to hang both of them with one pack!

Painter’s Tape

Another non-invasive hanging tool is painter’s tape! Most U.S. flags are relatively lightweight, which makes them ideal for this type of application.

While almost any type of adhesive tape should work, you want to take your walls into account. If they’re painted drywall, then tape might take the paint off. This is why we recommend using painter’s tape instead.

Simply attach a few pieces of painter’s tape where you want the wall to stick against the wall. Note that it’s not a super-strong adhesive, but it will work in the short term.

Display Case

The best-looking and most prominent way to hang a flag on a wall is to arrange it inside of a display case or shadow box. You can find cases designed to hold entire, unfolded flags, as well as those made to hold folded flags, such as ones received at funerals.

Most cases will come with special hardware that you can use to attach them to your wall. This is the best way to keep your flag free of dust, debris, and fingerprints!

Now You Know How to Hang a Flag on a Wall

What if you could look upon Old Glory any time of day? Now that you know how to hang a flag on a wall, you can! The key is to take your time, use non-irritating materials, and practice caution when adhering it to your surface.

Remember that The U.S. flag is meant to be respected at every turn. While hanging a flag is an admirable pursuit, it’s not one to rush into. By following the steps above, you can rest assured that you’re doing it correctly.

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