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How to Hire ReactJS Developers the Right Way – A Step-by-Step Guide

Technology is changing exponentially and to stay on top of the latest trend it is essential to accept the momentum of advancements. One of the latest trends of this advancement is- ReactJS. ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used for creating unique user interfaces of Single-page applications (SPAs). ReactJS is developed and designed by Facebook and developers can create interactive web pages with the help of it.

If you have decided to hire dedicated ReactJS developers for your upcoming projects, then you need to keenly determine the required skills, industry experience, technical skills, soft skills, and interpersonal skills before onboarding the right candidate for your company. Our blog will guide you to build a detailed roadmap to make your hiring process smooth and effective.

Finding a ReactJS developer with the appropriate skillset for your company’s particular requirement could be a tedious task but necessary for the success of the project. By following the proper recruitment process and using credible sources, you may thankfully get the talent of your desired need. So let’s start with the basics and learn who ReactJS developer is and why you should hire a developer for your company.

Who is ReactJS Develper?

ReactJS developers have the expertise in implementing the critical features of user experience and are best for developing responsive, dynamic, and high-performance user interfaces for your web. Online presence and easy-to-use websites are critically important for startups, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. With ReactJs, you can develop a stable, flexible, and well-managed application as it is one of the most loved and used libraries.

Why you should hire a ReactJS Developer?

ReactJS is a perfect framework for your website and apps as it gives the most engaging user experience. According to a report by Statista, ReactJS is the most used framework by a software developer with 40.14% usage in the year 2021. Most software companies prefer ReactJS developers who understand the framework and can develop stable applications.

Famous global businesses like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Netflix, and WhatsApp have built their applications using ReactJs. Thus, ReactJS is one of the latest trends used for many lifestyle applications, e-commerce applications, and cross-platform applications.

Quick Guide to recruit a ReactJS Developer

A company’s sales highly depend on how much excellent talented staff it has and how quality products they produce as output. An excellent group of the team including software developers, testers, PMs, and designers when working together, delivers fantastic results in software development.

Hiring a developer is an utter process and before hiring any candidate ask yourself the following basic questions:

  • What are the qualities and talent in a candidate you are looking for?
  • To recruit an exceptional ReactJS developer, do you need any prerequisite knowledge or tool?
  • What will be the steps of the hiring process?

As a hiring manager, when you are planning to hire remote ReactJS developers, you should pay attention to their responsibilities that may include:

  • The candidate should have deep expertise in the React.js framework.
  • Thorough knowledge of front-end technologies.
  • Should have good testing skills.
  • Hands-on experience in React web app development solutions.
  • Good exception-handling and error-handling skills.
  • Experience in understanding asynchronous programming.
  • Proficient in APIs and API communication knowledge.

Easy Steps to Hire Top-Notch ReactJS Developer

In order to select the best candidate, you must follow some specific steps that can make your hiring process more smooth and efficient. They are as follows:

Step 1: List all your requirements and expectations.

When you are planning to hire a top-notch candidate, clarity on what you need and the essentiality of that candidate is a must. You should list all your requirements and expectations from the candidate so that you can focus on the required expertise.

Step 2: Prioritise your urgency

Finalize the time estimate of your project and work on the urgency of hiring the candidate. This step will help you to understand whether you need to hire an offshore development team or a single ReactJS developer.

Step 3: Decide your budget

There should be no ambiguity while deciding your budget according to your in-hands projects. The cost of hiring remote React developers will be highly dependent on your project timeline and budget.

Step 4: Conduct thorough candidate research

As a hiring person, work with your HR team and conduct a detailed candidate review through the candidate’s resume, professional portfolio, and testimonials. Keenly check his experience on ReactJS apps development, his past performance on similar projects. And other related experience in crucial technologies.

Step 5: Interview the developer

When you are joining the interview panel, do some prior homework and enlist relevant questions from the ReactJS framework. Include a senior technical person or React developer (if possible) while interviewing the candidate which could make the screening process more effective.

Examine the soft skills and technical skills of the candidate with uncanny eyes. Following are some of the key points while examining the technical and soft skills of the candidate:

Required technical skills:

  • Technical skills should include knowledge of HTML/CSS, JSX, and related ReactJS components, Virtual DOM, and third-party tools to complement ReactJS libraries like Redux, Create React App, React Router, and Material Kit React.
  • As a technical expert, ReactJS developers should have good working knowledge in various JavaScript tools like Gulp, Browserify, Grunt, Webpack, and Bower.
  • ReactJS developers should have good background in working and managing the Cloud Platforms like Amazon AWS, SaaS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, GitHub,Yarn, npm, and OpenStack Apache.
  • Must have expertise of working with various databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Blockchain.
  • ReactJS developer should be skilled in working with ReactNative, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, SocketIO, and Angular2 for building frameworks.

Required soft skill:

  • Candidate should have good communication skills so that a proper communication between clients or team members can be established.
  • While hiring always check how much skilled team player your developer is. A good team player developer can gel between team and streamline the development process.
  • A good ReactJS developer should have good problem-solving skills so that managing the task. And resolving the issue wouldnot hurdle his proficiency of work.
  • Creativity is a digital asset of a ReactJS developer. A good designing and web development skills can be achieved easily in a creative candidate.

Step 6: Evaluating the Final Results To Hire the Perfect Candidate

When you find all the skill sets in an appropriate candidate performed all the above steps rightly. It’s time to finalize the right ReactJS developer for your project. As a final step, host a seamless onboarding process for the chosen candidate by providing him with all the necessary infrastructure and resources to quickly start the project.

A candidate can be searched through many sources depending on your job criteria and required experience. It could be through traditional job portals, React.js conferences, freelancing websites, and outsourcing companies.


Hiring the right ReactJS developer is an comprehensive process. And the above steps have helped you to gather a good knowledge on how to hire a potentially efficient ReactJS developer for your upcoming projects. Whenever you are hiring any candidate, always keep your company’s goal and needs in mind. For short-term and small projects, hiring freelancers is an ideal solution but for long-term. And good budget projects, hiring a remote ReactJS developer gives you more flexibility and stability in your projects.


Shahid Mansuri Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading offshore development team provider. With his guidance many companies hire offshore remote developers team from Peerbits for their complex and customized projects. His years of hardwork, dedication, and experience has helped him in developing profound expertise for a wide array of technologies, tools, and platforms. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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