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How to Host Tally on Cloud to Access Tally Software Remotely?

Know How to Access Tally Software Remotely from Anywhere

Tally is one of the best Accounting & ERP Software available in the present. If you are also using Tally Software & want to know how to host Tally on Cloud, then you will get a solution to your answers here. Once you Host Tally Software Online, it will enable you to remote access Tally from any location without any problem.

Tally is a Windows-based application & hence can only be used after installing it. Tally is a completely GST-ready software & hence makes the whole taxation process easier. To use Tally software on multiple platforms, it is recommended for you to host Tally Data on Cloud Servers. Implementing Tally on Cloud will increase the accessibility of Tally software on all devices including Mobiles, Laptops, Mac machines, etc.

Benefits of Hosting Tally on Cloud:

Hosting Tally data on a cloud server allows users to access Tally data remotely anywhere, anytime. Tally software can only be installed on Windows PC. Hence to access it on other device, you have to choose other means. So many users who want to know how to host Tally on a Cloud Server have regularly asked about it on various forums and platforms:

Hi, I am using Tally Accounting Software to manage my ERP resources. Tally always proves to be the best choice for me due to its easy & simplified interface. But, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I cannot access my Tally data stored in my companies On-Premise Servers. It is a very urgent task for me to access my Tally accounting software anyway. Kindly assist me in some way so that I can access Tally software remotely from my home.

  • Rajvir, New Delhi

The answer to the above query is only one i.e. Hosting Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software on Cloud. Tally on Cloud service will enable all such users to access their Tally ERP software remotely from home. All of your data will get synchronized in real-time.

How to Host Tally Software on Cloud?

There are many Tally Online service providers available in the market. But choosing the best out of them is still a very difficult task. NetForChoice Tally on Cloud Service is one such amazing service available at the present time. It will help you to grow your business’s productivity while enabling them to access the software anytime from anywhere.

To host your Tally software on Cloud, you have to fill the form & provide all your requirements. You just have to pay for the license of Tally Software & access it independently. You can deploy Tally software on any device including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, iPad devices. To more about how to host Tally Accounting Software on Cloud, call below IVR number.

tally on cloud benefits

Cloud computing gives you the facility to access your information from anywhere, anytime. It is completely scalable in nature & hence infrastructure can be upgraded/downgraded according to the requirements. Tally is a highly useful account & ERP management software & hence hosting it on the cloud will only add advanced features in it.

Features of Tally Online Software:

It is designed with advanced algorithms & hence offers unlimited advantages like some of them are discussed below:

  1. Tier-IV Data Center: NetForChoice hosts Tally data on the Tier-IV data server which is the highest level of infrastructure resources in terms of Cloud computing. It has a proven uptime of 99.995% so that users can get a seamless experience of Tally Online service without interruptions.
  2. Cost-effective & Economical: Hosting Tally data on cloud proves to be more economical in comparison to purchasing licenses for each office. Tally Online service offers users an edge to store all data on a centralized server. One can access Tally software from unlimited instances without any extra-additional cost. It is a perfect choice for small organizations & startups to manage their accounting resources on the cloud with Tally. 
  3. Scalable Infrastructure: Cloud computing has no data storage limitation & hence it reduces the burden of purchasing extra hard disk storage for the users on physical location. While working with Tally on Cloud, you can easily scale up or scale down as the volume of your data increases/decreases. It follows the Pay-as-you-Go model & hence you only needed to pay for the services you are using at that time.
  4. Highly Secured & Reliable: Tally Online service is highly secured with level-8 security. Only an authorized person can access the Tally data. It comes up with data flow encryption to secure the data from external threats.
  5. Real-time Data Synchronization: Tally on Cloud service offers real-time Data synchronization to preserve its integrity. Your Tally data will be instantly uploaded to Server when you makes any changes in it.

Final Words:

In the above article, we get to know about how can a user host Tally data on the cloud. There are so many users who want to use Tally software in the online environment. You can access & use the software from any remote location without any problem. You only have to pay for the server storage instead of the number of users working on the software. If you also want to remotely access Tally software from any location then you can try our NetForChoice Tally Online Service

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