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Pets and Animals

How to Keep Home Alone Pets Entertained

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If you think about it, pets share many similarities with their human owners. They get hungry and thirsty, requiring feeding and proper hydration. They will, in their lifetime, get sick, thus trips to the vet. 

On hot days, the pets need to stay cool. Otherwise, they could suffer from heatstroke. And yes, that includes your pet reptiles and amphibians. Investing in simple appliances like the Zoo Med Repti Rain automatic misting machine can keep the terrarium moisture conditions at optimal levels. 

It gets more interesting still. Animals can get bored. Yes, you need to come up with creative ways to keep them entertained. So what can you do? 

  1. Let the Television Pet-Sit Them

You can keep your pet dog or cat entertained by leaving the television on. The trick is to find a channel that will engage them. Any station with plenty of animals should catch their interest. 

There are plenty of options on platforms like YouTube. Alternatively, search the internet for animal-specific content. And please, don’t forget to turn up the volume. 

Think of other visual elements that can keep the animals engaged. Strategically position the bird or squirrel feeder where there is a window. Your cats and dogs will love the free entertainment during feeding time.  

Please stock up on some tasty chews, bully sticks or ice treats. They can be super handy when the dogs tire of watching TV. 

Here’s an idea. Buy interactive food puzzles for your canine or cat. Not only do they get a tasty meal in the end, but mental stimulation as well. 

  1. Stock Up On Pet Toys 

Pet toys can provide plenty of entertainment. And that’s not all; the animals also get plenty of mental stimulation. A good session with the toys for dogs is the equivalent of a 30-minute walk. Chasing around the chew toys will drain your pet dog of all its energy. All the activity leaves them tired and less likely to get into trouble.  

Animals that engage with a lot of toys are also more independent. They learn to have fun by themselves without needing you to be around all the time. 

You can find a fantastic range of pet-friendly toys in online pet supplies stores. Cat scratchers, lasers, play tunnels, chew toys, and balls can cater to cats and dogs.

Shredding toys, hanging birdbaths, and activity walls are great for pet parrots. Your pet hamster will love its exercise ball, chew sticks, or suspension bridge. 

A Prevue triple roof bird cage will give your parakeets plenty of space to move around. Habitat decorations can make the terrarium or aquarium more interesting for the inhabitants. Take a minute to search the internet for some pretty exciting options in pet stores. 

Here’s the thing with toys, though. Bring them out at once, and the dog or cat will get bored with them pretty quickly. The trick is in rotating the toys every two or three days. Allow the pets a chance to miss their favorite toys, and they will appreciate them a little more. 

  1. Give the Pet a Companion

Older people will often encourage new parents to give their child a sibling. The number one reason is usually so that the child has a brother or sister to play with. Well, your pet needs a companion too. 

With your busy life, you cannot be around all the time. How about opening up your home to a rescue animal. Look at it this way. You will be doing your part in making this world a better place for one other animal. And, most importantly, your pet boarding adelaide will have a new friend to spend the long, sometimes dull days with. 

  1. Seek Alternative Sources of Companionship

If adopting a new animal is not a viable option, there are other things you can do. Enrolling your dog in a daycare facility can provide a temporary solution when you need it.   

The trained staff will keep the animals entertained until you get back. Another option is to get together with other pet lovers in your area to schedule playdates. This will work well for dogs. 

Exposure to other animals or humans can also improve socialization skills. It is, for example, easy to identify a dog that lives in isolation. It will experience extreme anxiety in public places. The dog may also show signs of aggressive behavior around other dogs or humans. 

Studies on the effects of social isolation on horses give some critical insights. The animal may suffer from acute stress, agitation and flight or fight response. On a cognitive level, socially isolated animals can display impulsive decision-making, impaired mental flexibility, and more. 

  1. Exercise Your Pets

Depending on your pet type, schedule some exercise time for them. You must, for example, do this for dogs. If you usually jog or take long daily walks, take the pup with you. The activity not only leads to better physical health. But, you will notice a much happier dog, which indicates good mental health. 

Consider it an investment in a dog’s health to hire a dog walker if you do not have the time. This person should be available every day or whenever you need them. That way, there is never an excuse for your dog not to get in some exercise.   

Make sure your hamster has a wheel to run in. ensure plenty of space in the birdcage to move around at will. Don’t overcrowd the terrarium. Like in the case of birds, pet snakes or other reptiles will need sufficient space. 

  1. Engage Their Minds

Why do you do crossword puzzles or play solitaire or scrabble? These games can engage and mentally stimulate the mind. Well, think of creative ways to achieve the same with your pets. 

Puzzle toys, scavenger hunts and training exercises will work for the dog. Cats will also enjoy puzzle toys, exploratory toys and simple training. 

Final Thoughts

Pets need a lot of love and attention to thrive. It is your role as the owner to make sure that the animal is healthy, both physically and mentally. Active engagement and creative ways to keep them engaged can help you achieve this.  

We have shared some pretty simple yet practical and workable ideas above. Exercise, mental stimulation, companionship and good old TV can do the trick.

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