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How To Know If Your App Will Be Successful?

Now you have developed a mobile application, but how do you know its success and acceptance? Though the application is visually stunning and combats every challenge, you will be concerned about its performance. Moreover, you would be worried whether your brand new application will be accepted by your customers.

Once you approach mobile app development companies in Cochin, your primary requirement would be an app that generates revenue, besides expecting it to create a boom in the industry with its performance.

How to Assess the Performance of your App?

To understand your mobile application’s value and assessing its performance, begin with tracking the key performance indicators and mobile app metrics. The process of assessing its success rate begins from the moment you launch the application in the app stores.

You can assess its performance as the intended audience download and start using the application. Also, how do you measure the mobile application’s success and progress? The best Android app developers in Kerala insist that determining the Key performance factors (KPIs) and metrics can help you to define the success of your mobile application.

Let’s look into some of those factors.



Downloads play an important role in measuring a mobile application’s success. The more downloads, the higher the chance for your app to succeed. Moreover, you could convert free users into paid ones. Make sure you put your maximum effort to make it a cost-free download and to sustain the ratio of the number of active users. Count how many people download and use the app, this will give an idea about the progress. Always measure and monitor whether the app gains or loses popularity.


Social Shares

The audience gets tracked according to the number of times your app is recommended or shared on social media. Obviously, the increase in number is better to influence the audience depending on when and where your app is shared. The social media integration built into your app could easily help to engage users accessing the app at least once daily.

You want consumers to use your app every day, and thereby aim at high engagement. While engagement is assessed by how frequently users come back to your app. iOS app development companies in Kochi give much importance to social shares as it could benefit the application in both progress and return on investment.


User Engagement

It is important to consider how long it takes the user to swap from one screen or activity to another. The amount of time it takes an app to load from the initial tap to being ready to use can decide user experience and their interest in your app.

The load time should be as low as possible. It is a simple KPI to define and track an application’s success.  Depending on your target users, it is important to know if they use Android or iOS, or other specific devices. You should seek help from the mobile app development providers in Kochi, then you can target the overall app performance.



Make sure that your intended users are staying with your application. The best way to retain users is by updates. Your application may need bug fixes or enhancements, and timely updates after research or user feedback. Go an extra mile to install an update for an enhanced experience and give importance to listening to the users. Never give a chance to lose popularity by ignoring your user’s needs and specific goals. Integrate analytics tools into your app to track engagement, retention, and goals.


Operating system

There is a constant debate between iOS and Android, by the users and developers while launching an application. If there is a strong preference for Apple or Android, there is something to consider and understand why that is so, and find the issues behind these preferences. While choosing between the Android and iOS realms, you should also give essential attention to the keywords that you engage in your application. Tracking the user path, that will let you see which keywords actually generate revenue and higher performance.


Summing Up

These are a few key performance indicators that assess the success and progress of your mobile app. Mobile app development companies in Kochi consider these KPIs to value each app they deliver. At the same time, they keep all these factors in mind while they create a new mobile application. It is as important as focusing on the intuitive and visual performance of the app to build a progressive and successful application.










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