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How to make a business plan in 2022: the 100% success method


Writing a business plan is mandatory when you want to convince your banker or raise money. However, many business owners ponder the significance of creating a business plan. In addition, there are rules and a certain formalism to be respected. We explain all this in this file in four steps. First, entrepreneurs present to you how they made their business plan, the mistakes they may have made, and what they recommend to you. In addition, an advice section gives you tips from fundraisers and testimonials from investors to adapt your business plan to their requirements. Finally, towards the file’s conclusion, we provide practical tools to write a business plan simply and efficiently. 


Excel business plan software

Need to create your business plan and your financial model in Excel? Does your bank ask you for an income statement and your cash flow statements? Download our software to create your business plan in Excel: a complete tool with more than 6,000 configurable data and automatically calculates your balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow table.

Business plan template

A 127-slide business plan writing guide by an expert who will guide you step by step to raise the necessary financing for your project. This is a business plan template with commentary from experts and business plan coaches. In your entrepreneurial endeavor, you will receive step-by-step guidance.

Example of an executive summary

Download a free executive summary sample here. It will inspire you to write a page about your project and convince a jury or investors to read your business plan.

Free sample customizable business plan

Our free, simple, personalized example, made by an expert, is to investors’ standards! The business plan to raise funds. 

Checklist of business plan questions tool

A business plan should answer several questions. You will find, in excel format, the list of these questions and a tool to check where you are writing your business plan. 

Good reading

Business plan analysis grid

Is my business plan good? How could a competition jury rate my business plan? This business analysis grid allows you to obtain a score on your business plan. Using most of the analysis criteria of a business plan, you will get a score on different standards and an overall score.


Write a Business Plan in PDF format.

Writing a Business Plan is essential if you want to convince investors or banks to bet on your project. Thus, you will benefit from additional financing. The Business Plan also allows you to have a roadmap and, therefore, not to scatter yourself unnecessarily as your project progresses. In this practical sheet, we will help you write your Business Plan in PDF format to put the odds on your side.  

How to improve the design of your Business Plan?

Do you have a project idea or need to raise funds? First, you must write a business plan to present to banks and investors. Then, once the background has been worked on, you must move on to writing it. In this practical sheet, we will help you master the form of your Business Plan to put the odds on your side. Finally, we will see what makes the design richness of a successful Business Plan. 

25 form errors to avoid in a business plan

Why avoid errors of form in the business plan? Which errors are these? How will they affect your conversation partner? What impression are these mistakes making on investors? 

The Anglo-Saxon business plan: what are the differences?

How has the creation of the business strategy taken into account the diversity of entrepreneurial cultures? For example, what distinguishes the business plans written in French and Anglo-Saxon? Which American substitutes exist for the French business plan? 

What are the different parts of a business plan?

Whether it is to obtain a loan, reassure a future supplier, or reflect on your project, it is necessary to draw up a business plan. This important step in an entrepreneurial project is not easy, but it can be much simpler when you are well informed. Here you will see the different parts that make up a business plan, but above all, for each region, what is expected and what conclusions should come out of it. 

The business plan: What do we put in it?

The business plan is a document of 20 to 30 pages maximum. This document is to an entrepreneur what a compass is to a sailor. What are the different parts of this document? What are the important things to remember? Finally, we explain what each part of the business plan should contain.

Five mistakes to avoid in the form of your business plan

You are in the process of writing your business plan, but doubts persist about its condition? This article will allow you to beware of the most frequent errors in the form of this document.

When it comes to a company plan, does size matter?

Size is key in basketball, but what about a business plan? Focus more on the content of your Business Plan than on the number of pages it has.

Can we copy the neighbor’s business plan?

Can we copy or draw inspiration from the business plan of one of our competitors? What are the advantages of writing it yourself? What does it bring us? This article will teach you the significance of not stealing your neighbor’s company strategy.

Business plan: As for miss France, the form counts as much as the substance

My project is great, and my business plan puts forward concrete arguments. Certainly, but is it pleasant to read? Why does form matter so much, if not more than content? Lastly, imagine yourself in the position of the investors to whom you send your business plan. It’s the only job they’ll get from you, so wow them!

Stop using Word for your business plans!

Do you want to present this dynamic, innovative, and definitively modern project, but are you afraid that the length of your business plan will scare off investors? 

Only one solution: use PowerPoint!


How much time should you devote to writing your Business Plan?

Do you want to set up a project and need funds to get there or simply a strategy to adopt? You must therefore write a business plan. However, many entrepreneurs wonder how much time they should devote to writing it for fear of either neglecting it or, on the contrary, of taking too much time and therefore losing time on the concrete realization of their project. 

What is a business plan exactly?

Before embarking on the creation of a business itself, Formalities need to be followed. to ensure the profitability and development of the project. The business plan is your best ally for this purpose. But what is a business plan? This document presents your company’s added value and medium-term profitability potential and the means to be implemented to achieve this profitability.  

What is a business plan or business plan?

You often hear about the business plan but don’t know what it is? So you want to inform yourself on the subject and ask yourself, “but what is the business plan”? Then look no further; our practical sheet is made for you! After reading this article, you will know everything about the business plan. 

Risk analysis in your business plan

Any entrepreneurial project involves risks. But when you write your business plan for your bank or raise funds, you are tempted to discuss favorable features of your projects to obtain financing solely. So should you talk about the risks identified in your project? Why? How to present them? 

Business plan: Don’t do that!

Investors and entrepreneurship coaches often find the same errors in business plans. So let’s review these mistakes, and when you write your business plan, you will think of this checklist!

How to write a business plan?

How is a business plan written? What tips will help you write your business plan more easily? Why do you have to register it together? The answers are in this fact sheet. 

The six steps to writing your business plan

Writing a business plan represents a significant workload often feared by entrepreneurs. Therefore, we have divided the process into six main steps to facilitate this writing.

This practical sheet helps you structure your approach from strategic thinking to sending your document to investors!

Why can a business plan save you from bankruptcy?

The news abounds with cases of companies that have gone bankrupt after a short period of activity. But, have you ever wondered why this also happens to companies growing well? What if this was partly related to entrepreneurs’ lack of importance in the business plan?

The business plan, why?

What is a business plan? What are the objectives of the business plan? For whom is it intended? Shouldn’t the time spend writing a business plan be spent on something else? A short article summarizes why a business plan is a tool the entrepreneur must master.

Four reasons to write a business plan

“I like to canvass clients because I don’t want to spend my time on it.” “It’s a theoretical exercise that brings nothing concrete.” “Another financial trick.” So many thoughts on the business plan so as not to start writing it. Here are four valid reasons to push you to write a business plan.  

Five things to do absolutely before writing a business plan

Is the business plan essential? However, there are five more urgent things to do before writing your business plan. Start with these five steps before devoting yourself to writing your BP. 

Myths around the business plan (1/2)

There are many misconceptions about the business plan. These myths aim to discredit this tool or make it a difficult step in business creation. If some myths have some truth, others are bad excuses to disqualify the business plan—a short review of these lies and facts about the business plan.


Master Yoda and the business plan

 The business plan, master Yoda version! Discover the ten commandments of the business plan! Then, if you want to become a Jedi master of the business plan, listen to him! 

Ten lessons on the business plan and fundraising

In 2015, here are the ten main lessons we learned about the business plan and fundraising, following the support provided.

When developing a company strategy, there are five golden rules.

What is the structure of the Business Plan, and how do I write it? What are the right techniques to use to write it? Should I call in an expert? Here are five tips and five golden rules to follow when writing a Business Plan.

Risk analysis in the business plan

The objective of a business plan is to sell your project, to prove its solidity as well as its profitability. However, it is also necessary to be clear-sighted about the obstacles encountered. The risk analysis in your business plan will demonstrate your ability to anticipate risks by planning an escape route.

The Alembic incubator talks to us about a business plan

Why does form matter as much as content in a business plan? The founder of the Alambik incubator reveals what he thinks of the business plan and gives you some tips to become convincing with this document.

Storytelling and business plan

Bruno martinaud tells us how a business plan is useful for a start-up and the importance of history in a business plan. Lots of advice to listen to.

Warren Buffett helps you make your business plan.

Warren Buffett’s investment principles applied to entrepreneurs! So who better than the best investor in the world to teach us good entrepreneurial principles. 

Incubator and business plan

Do incubators ask for a business plan to select entry projects? Why? What are the keys to the success of a business plan? The Descartes incubator testifies for us. 

Four things to do after writing your business plan

 Have you finally finished writing your business plan? That’s it, and you will finally be able to contact investment funds or meet your banker. But is it the first thing to do after finishing your business plan? Here are four priority things when you have finished writing your business plan.

Learn more at You may find a plethora of knowledge in one place.

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