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How to Make an Interactive Virtual Learning Program?

The most important thing to keep an eye on while coming up with a virtual learning program is to ensure your participants are learning effectively. If that is not achieved by the end of the day, the purpose of your program will never be fulfilled.

The best way to achieve this goal is to create an interactive learning program for your learners. If the learning program is interactive, the learners don’t have any other option than interact with the program, which will indirectly help them learn better by getting involved in the process.

Here are some simple methods that you can implement in your program, to increase the engagement of your learner.


It goes without saying, effect feedback has proved to be vital for the success of any product or program. The same applies here as well when you create a program, its important that you take proper feedback from your learners as well. Not only this will help the learners offer their point of view, but it will also help you make necessary changes to your strategy to get better results.

Let Participants Choose

There’s nothing worse than running into courses that don’t offer any freedom to their learners. Let the learners choose where they want to start their course. This will help increase the engagement in a program since learners have the freedom to choose what they want to learn, instead of forcing them to learn something they aren’t interested in. You can add guides and recommendations along with a course that should help them choose the next course.

Offer Social Functions

To make your content and course more interactive, always add some interactive elements such as social functions. These include being able to add comments on a course and being able to share them with others. Adding some gamification features into the mix can also help a lot. The main should always be to get the learner to interact with the content.


Add the option for learners to contribute to the course using various methods. Such as adding discussions after a session, or offering tasks that learners can start working on after they have finished the course. Learners can also share their knowledge with others during an online group discussion session with other participants.


For every program, there are evaluations at the end, which is pretty common. But to make it more interactive, you can add in a feature that allows other participants to evaluate each other’s work. Not only this will increase interaction, but it will also help them improve their understanding of the topic as well.

Encouraging a culture of sharing can lead to an extremely valuable practice along with your course. It also encourages the learners to help others with issues and problems they might have with the course.


Finding different methods that can help make your virtual learning course can never be easy. But these tips should help you make the process much easier. Try to implement them into your program, there is no need to use the exact method of course. You can always modify these tips to your advantage.

These are just the outlines of what you can do to achieve a better program that’s interactive and offers great results in return. Using these tips, you should be able to make your courses more interactive.There are a lot of eLearning development companies that specialize in doing the same on your behalf. These companies will develop the whole course for you including any additional features you might ask them.

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