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How to Make Money From Gemstones and Other Precious Stones

Making Money Online from Gemstones and Other Precious Stones

A person doing special work in the field of film is called a Film Ratna, a person who has made a special contribution in the field of literature is called a Sahitya Ratna, a person doing a special work in the field of religion is called a Dharma Ratna. Similarly, the highest human title of independent India is Bharat Ratna.

Gems Mainly Minerals

In ancient times, women, ivory, horse, gold, silver etc. were also counted in gems. But in the present era, only precious stones have been kept in the category of gems by separating metals and animals. Gemstone is mainly a mineral substance. Gemstones are formed by the combination of metals due to various types of chemical reactions taking place in the earth.

Mines of many types of gems are found in many countries of the world. The gems are cremated after getting them from the mines, after which they are brought down for sale in the market.

9 out of 84 Gemstones

There are 84 types of gems. Out of 84 gems, 9 are considered to be the main ones. The rest has been accepted as an Uparatna, so only nine gems have special significance everywhere. Because the main nine planets of Indian astrology are related to these nine gems.

Now let’s know which person should wear which gemstone.

1-Ruby- This gemstone is called Ruby in English. This blood is pink, dry, black in color. It is called Surya Ratna. 

2-Diamond- Diamond is colored in white, pink, black, blue etc. It has four varna distinctions. 

3- Emerald- It is a green colored neem leaf-like elastic stone.

4-Sapphire- Blue elastic and shiny like the neck of a peacock is considered good. 

5-Garlic- It is also called cat’s eye because it contains cotton wool. Its color is pale and is for ink and white. 

6-pearl- It is white, black, yellow, blue and sky colored. 

7-Coral- Coral vermilion is red in color (this sea root). In Persian it is called Marjan.

8-Topaz- This stone is yellow and white in color. 

9-Onyx- Red is smoky. Having blood, black and yellow aura is considered good. Which gemstone is related to which planet- Ruby-Sun, Pearl-Moon, Muga-Mars, Topaz-Jupiter, Diamond-Venus, Sapphire-Saturn, Onyx-Rahu, Lahusiya-Ketu.

Willing to make money from gemstones and other precious stones? If yes, you can make money by collecting and selling gemstones and other precious stones for a living. Many peoples are dealing with minerals and rocks. You can make your career out of selling the gemstones and can more money as well. But, it is not too easy to build a career in the industry. It requires some perseverance like a few secrets, a whole lot of no-how, and a little luck as well. Careers in the gemstone jewellery industry include the buying of gemstones and other precious stones, adding value to them, and selling them to make money. 

If you are going to build your career in this industry, first and foremost, you will need to create a few connections with wholesale sellers. These connections will help you in buying gemstones and other precious stones. You can use these initial purchases to display items for the customers. These initial purchases will help you in earning profits. Now, it is time to acquire a business license, insurance for both you and your business, and invest some money in advertising. The advertising process compels your customers to let them know about your gemstone selling business. 

If you are planning to operate your gemstone selling business out of a shop location, you have to go with rent and facilities. You can also go with options like operating out of a warehouse or from home for selling gemstones. However, these options can be cost-effective. In this way, you do not need to face the foot traffic and walk-in business. If you are operating your gemstone selling the business as a wholesaler or working from home, you can connect with your customers via online presence. For this, you should a website and social media presence so that you can reach your targeted customers.

Ensure that your website and social media presence must be consistent. If you maintain a continued online presence, it is an added cost for your business. But, you will need to put the effort to reach more customers. More customers more profits. If you live in a place where you can’t find the gemstones easily, you have many options as well. These options include polishing, painting, making, buying, and selling or trading gemstone jewelry. 

The shops that sell gemstones are rare in the market. Many shops are there that are known to sell and carry the raw material and more other precious stones, and. Jewelry. If you are passionate about jewelry, the jewelry industry has numerous opportunities for you. You can buy and sell gemstones and other precious stones at many different places.  But, you must know appraising, faceting, set, and display your gemstones and other precious stones. There are additionally many rock fans that purchase crystals or polished minerals at wholesale prices, work with them, and promote quit products. This frequently entails creativity in growing jewelry or different inventive works from the stones, however can additionally be extracting crystals, appraising a series, and promoting the most valuable, and many different things.

Steps to Start Selling Gemstones for a Living

Either you want to sell the gemstones and other precious stones yourself or delve them into the jewelry. You can earn a lucrative full-time or part-time income. But you need a proper guide to start your gemstone selling business. If you are looking for such a guide, do not worry. Here are a few steps. These steps will help you a lot in knowing that how to set up your gemstone selling business. 

  • First of all, learn as much as you can about gemstones and other precious stones and gemmology. It does not require any certification course or any degree. But, you need to know different types of gemstones and other precious stones, instruments, and the available laboratory services. You can also join the Gemmological Institute of America or other gem trade institutes, and take enrolment in any online or on-campus classes. 
  • Prepare a business plan that extensively should have how you intend your gemstones selling business. Some retailers love to work strictly online and sell the gemstones through online auctions outlets and websites. While others set their retail stores, go to craft fairs and festivals to enhance their sales. 
  • Create connections to acquire the gemstones and other precious stones through a dealer. If you live at a place that is recognized for a specific stone like quartz, you can sell the stones locally. You can also provide the services like polishing and setting them. If you want to sell the stone which is not available at your location, you need to locate a dealer through the American Gem Trade Association and a mineralogy club. Connect with your dealer for purchasing the gemstones and other precious stones for resale. 
  • If you want to set up a store then rent or acquire your retail outlet. After having a business location, you can apply for a business license from your city and country as well. You should have a Tax Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service as well. If you want to start your business from your home, your business address will be your home address. 
  • It is time to arrange your packaging and shipping materials. Gemstones and other precious stones demand a well-protected treatment. Therefore, you need to purchase small padded boxes to pack them. Always put the design labels on the boxes so that your customers know your contact details for further purchasing. 
  • Extensively market you are commercial enterprise utilizing attending neighborhood activities and placing up an internet site whether or not you intend to promote on-line or not. Brochures that explain what kind of gemstones you deal in as properly as different offerings you provide help hand out to practicable customers. If you have a retail location, it is really useful you reflect on consideration on protecting a grand opening and provide unique sorts of occasions at some stage in the year to inspire new business, such as gem cleansing or an informational seminar.

You can also join hands with wholesale jewellery manufacturers uk to get gemstones and other precious stones.

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