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How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Remodeling Business?

The bathroom remodeling business is challenging in this fast-paced world of new technologies and installation methods. Construction workers also leave at will due to the high competition and you realize you need something extra to stay in business. 

Have you been in the remodeling business for a while, and the profits are not coming in as much? Or are you just starting and want to stand out from the rest? This article provides tips that will help you keep your remodeling business afloat in these challenging times. 

Tips to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Remodeling Business

Bathrooms are a necessity. It is one room where you spend a good deal of time. Despite the considerable costs, many people get a remodel whenever they move to a new place or have stayed long in an apartment. 

 Bathroom Remodeling Business

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Despite the availability of customers who want a bathroom remodel, many bathroom remodel businesses are finding it hard to stay afloat. No need to close your business. With these tips, you will be getting more out of it in no time. 

1. Cut on Time

It is good you do the best job possible. But, it is wasteful to spend too much time on any bathroom remodel. You can cut time by using modern alternatives instead of the traditional methods. Saving time on jobs also means you get to do more remodels. 

For example, using a laminated wall panel will save you the time spent on tile settings. With this choice, you save time and even your customers the stress of cleaning tile grouts. Always be on the lookout for alternatives that will save your time and still produce a top-notch look. 

2. Work With Your Team

No man is an island of knowledge and thinking you’re always right will get you nowhere. Ensure that your team knows the goal and allow them to give insights on strategies for execution. Don’t just bark orders! Ask for advice. 

You should also understand that working with subcontractors that you know will be easier. Don’t allow the bathroom owner to force a sub without proper vetting. If you feel your team could do the work better, politely refuse your client’s offer of a sub. 

Don’t hire more people than necessary too! It will only cut your profits. 

3. Know Your Materials

Knowing all that goes in a bathroom will be helpful in making sure that your business turns a profit. You need to ensure that you have the right tubs, for instance. A tub is the center beauty of a bathroom and you want to ensure you have the right fit for your customer.

Many customers are choosing freestanding tubs over built-in-deck bathtubs these days. A modern freestanding tub not only looks elegant. It also takes less space and can be easily moved if you feel like it. 

Along with the tub, you should also look into freestanding tub accessories that will make the tub easy to use for your clients. The walls matter too. Using decorative wall panels instead of tiling the walls still gives the bathroom a modern look. Customers would also find it easier to maintain. 

Bathroom Remodeling Business

If your client wants a custom job, you will still find materials that won’t give you a lot of stress. Ensure you always get the best prices for these materials from your vendors. Take time to know your materials and you can make your remodeling look elegant without taking much time. Your customers will also love it which is a win-win.

4. Get Your Materials Yourself

You shouldn’t allow your client to get the materials you will use for the remodeling. No customer wants to spend more than necessary. However, allowing clients to get the materials for the bathroom remodeling might only result in problems later on. 

For instance, your client might not know the right freestanding tub faucet to buy. The purchase of the wrong materials or substandard ones will waste your time and increase costs. It would also cost your clients unnecessary repairs in the future. 

Ensure that your client understands your reasons for insisting on supplying the materials. Also, buy the best quality and provide a warranty for repairs. This guarantee will endear your customers and increase trust in your services.  

5. Set the Right Price

Setting the right price for your services is an art form that you need to learn if you want to stay in the bathroom remodeling business. Never go too high or too low! Looking to your competition to set your prices might not be the best course of action. 

If you give the client more, your price should be higher, not lower. Research shows that customers are willing to pay higher for premium value. Therefore, the challenge is not the price you set but showing the potential client that the price is worth the expected value. 

Ensure your services are worth the price you set, and you’ll have no problems. After all, the goal is customer satisfaction!  

6. Give the Best Value

Your customers have paid for value, and you shouldn’t delay delivery. Make sure you only use the best quality. It will save you and your clients. Since you gave that warranty, damage caused by poor products will also cost you the time and costs of repairs. 

Therefore, always give your clients the best value for their budget. You can throw in some extra features if it doesn’t cost you too much. As you do not cheat your clients, ensure your vendors are also not cheating you on materials. 

Always check prices with competitors every 6 months. However, ensure you don’t replace quality for the price. 

7. Keep It Simple

Don’t sweat the details. Keep that bathroom remodeling simple from the selection process to execution. Trust us. Most customers don’t want to know the difference between a custom shower base and a site-built one. They just want the best bathroom possible. 

You can make the selection process easier by giving potential customers a selection from completed designs with allowances for color and other minor changes. Your team should also not waste time on small details that can be done faster with suitable pre-packaged systems. 


Your bathroom remodeling business doesn’t have to suffer the challenges of the times beyond remedy. You can make the most of your business and blossom with our tips. 

As you make the necessary changes to your mode of operation, don’t forget to track changes and note improvements in your business. It could be in the form of profits or an increase in new customers. Your remodeling business can only get better with these tips!

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