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Kids and Teens

How to make your kids smarter with The Quizopedia App

The Coronavirus Pandemic spreading across the world has led to a closure of schools. For parents it is a constant challenge to keep the kids busy at home in activities that are creative and add to learning.

Let’s look at the challenges you are facing with your child:

  • Watching TV all the time
  • Glued to a smartphone or tablet, playing games.
  • Finding ways to skip doing the homework you have given.
  • Addicted to WhatsApp or social media

What you need is a fun activity to help enhance your child’s confidence, learning and IQ level without making it a drudgery.

Parents are always looking for intelligence boosting products to help enhance their child’s intelligence. Most parents spend a fortune on toys, books, board games, DVD’s and tuitions to help enhance their kids’ intelligence.

Did you know that frequent tests can help boost their learning and intellect?

Here’s why you should download the Quizopedia app to help sharpen your kids genius

A to Z Categories

The Quizopedia app offers comprehensive categories for your child to explore. The categories include abbreviations, amazing facts, business and economy, current affairs, cyber quiz, grammar and language, environmental quiz, sports, and even Indian cinema. Their comprehensive list of categories provides children a wide range of subjects to choose from based on their preferences and inclinations.

Know more about India

Most apps available today concentrate more on information related to the western world. Quizopedia is your answer to building up your child’s knowledge of our very own country, India. It provides engaging and interesting information on various aspects of India like heritage, Indian independence, famous Indian personalities, Indian cinema, and Indian forts and palaces.

This unique web application not only helps in building up their general knowledge but also helps makes their boring school topics more interesting. It offers an engaging and interactive way for kids to learn about uninteresting historical facts, tiresome datelines, forgotten personalities, and seemingly mundane current affairs.

Learn through pictures

Quiz for students

Images and imagination are a student’s best friends! According to cognitive research, pictures, images, and videos are essential intelligence boosters. Quizopedia is an interactive app that has attractive and fascinating pictures and images to help students learn through interesting images.

World Wide Education

Quizopedia also provides worldwide education to your child. It’s a special section—World Wide Education brings the world to your child’s fingertips. Starting from different continents to different countries, the World Wide Education category is a fun way to explore the world. Learn everything about different countries including the flag, the capital city, head of government, dominant religion, language, national anthem, national animal, national bird, and even the national flower.

On This Day

Quizopedia’s section—On This Day is a fantastic way of knowing what had happened on a particular day in history. Choose a date and month and get to know interesting facts about the happenings on that day from across the world. Get an interesting insight into topics from different events in history.

Brain Games

Scientific research says that different brain activities, puzzles, and games help improve brain functioning. They help students improve their memorization skills, logic, and overall mental abilities. Quizopedia brings different brain games including numerical puzzles, alphabetical series, puzzles, and analogy questions to hone the brain’s passive working.

Brain games

Download The Quizopedia App to give your child a fun way to becoming smarter!

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