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How to Mix Up Rug Patterns in Your Home

How to Mix Up Rug Patterns in Your Home

Do you have two or more rugs in your home that don’t go well together? Maybe the colors are too similar, or they don’t work with the design of your room. What do you think is the best way to mix up rug patterns? You can easily mix up rug patterns without getting rid of one by simply changing the shape of where you put them! It’s a great way to create new style combinations and keep things fresh. Mixing and matching different rug patterns in the same room is an easy way to add some interest. We all know that pattern repetition can become monotonous, but switching between two or three different prints will keep things fresh. The more contrast there is between the rugs, the better they’ll work together – so if you have an area that needs more visual interest, don’t be afraid of using bolder colors or bigger scale patterns. They will help you create a cohesive look throughout your space without much effort at all. Try mixing two different rugs like the living room and bedroom or kitchen and dining room if you want more variety. The possibilities are endless! Read the article to find out some more rug design ideas.

Mix Similar Patterns

The best way to mix up rug patterns in your home decor is by mixing similar rug patterns. It can be difficult to mix different patterns. For example, don’t try mixing a busy floral pattern with an abstract geometric design. The same patterns in your home will look cohesive and add to your home decor. It will also help you create a space that looks busy or cluttered but still pulls in different colors and patterns. You can go for the best geometric rugs in different shapes or patterns. It also gives your space a more modern look. Similar patterns will create a balanced and modern look. It also creates harmony.

Mix Similar Shapes

Another effective way of mixing up patterns is by using similar shapes in your home decor. You can use rugs that have different colors but with the same shape or line pattern. Such as, you could go for an oval rug instead of a square one to mix things up a bit. You can also use rugs that are round or oval. Moreover, You could go for a rectangular rug instead of the usual square one to mix your pattern options. Then you can use different shapes and patterns on it like an oblong, circle, or even triangle. This way, you’ll have complete control over what you use and how it looks.

Mix Two Different Patterns

Another way to mix up rug patterns is by mixing two different patterns in the same room. For example, if one wall has an abstract geometric design, you can place a floral pattern on another wall. You could also go for two different designs in the same rug to mix things up. Moreover, You can mix different patterns and prints of rugs in your home to make an interesting focal point with the rug that adds color and life to your space. You can use secondary or accent colors instead of focusing on one main color for this room design idea. However, don’t go overboard, as too many rugs in a room can be overwhelming. Mixing different rug patterns is the best way to create a space that looks pulled together but still has its sense of style. You can have rugs with similar geometric shapes or floral designs in your home. It will help you achieve balance and continuity throughout your decorating scheme.

Mix Colors

You can also mix up rug patterns by using different colors that go well together, such as a red polka dot rug paired with an orange plaid one. This is another great way to add interest to your home decor without going overboard on the pattern front. You needn’t stick to only warm colors, either. You can mix in some cool tones if you want a yin and yang effect with your home decor. Mixing different color patterns is also a great way to make your rug stand out in the room. If you are daring, go with complementary patterns for an even bigger pop of color and pattern! This is one way that many people mix up their rugs at home without going too crazy or having it look like they were trying too hard. You can use three different patterns like stripes, floral and geometric. Or even you can use a pattern, a solid, and then another pattern. The possibilities are endless!

Patterns and Solids

A mix of patterns and solid shades is also a great way to create the full rug effect. This is perfect for you if you like solid colors because it can be a bit more subtle and allow your patterns and decor to stand out even more! For instance, you can mix up ivory or beige rugs with a floral pattern, or you could have a blue rug with an animal print. It’s really up to your personal preference! You can also layer up the rugs to create a deeper tone and bring life into your room. Layering rugs can give any home an extra pop of color or pattern that it needs.

Mixing Different Styles Of Rugs

Not only can you mix different patterns inside the same room, but it is also possible to mix different styles of rugs. For example, if someone prefers oriental-style rugs, they could add a more modern rug underneath it. Play around with different rug styles and find what works best for your home!

Mixing Different Pattern Sizes

You can also change up the rug patterns in your home by mixing different sizes of rugs. Mix large and small area rugs or throw rugs for a more eclectic look that your family and guests will love! You can even mix bigger and smaller rugs of the same pattern to change up your home decor.

Mixing Patterns with Other Decor Elements

When it’s time to mix patterns in a room, you can get creative! You could add an area rug under a dinner table or move around certain seating pieces. In addition, adding different types of floor lighting will make a statement in your home decor. Try adding area rugs over hardwood floors or put down throw pillows for extra comfort and pattern mixing fun!

On a Final Note

The best way to mix up rug patterns in your home decor is by mixing different patterned rugs. This will create a more interesting and unique space that you can be proud of. We’ve compiled some tips below on how to combine the colors, shapes, and sizes of these carpets strategically for an eye-catching look or feel, depending on what you want from your design. You may also choose to use one color throughout all rooms, so it looks uniform but still dynamic with its variation in size and shape. If you have any questions about which type of rug would work well for a specific area, please contact our team at RugKnots! With their vast selection of styles, sizes, colors, textures, and shapes, they make shopping for new rugs painless. From traditional Persian-style carpets to contemporary geometric designs, there are plenty of choices to help inject some life into any room. What are you waiting for? Browse these pages now!

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