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How to Obtaining Poe Unique items in Path of Exile

Path of Exile Unique items are the most remarkable rarity change of essential items, so what are the methods for Unique items? The following Eznpc Editor brings you an introduction to the process of obtaining Unique items in Path of Exile, as well as the introduction of the drop map and the drop monster! The definition of Unique items in the path of exile is the greatest rarity change of a basic item. Each Unique item has a corresponding basic item style, and the basic abilities of equipment are roughly the same as the essential items. The difference is these legends. Items will be given unique names, special appearances, and special affixes. Unique items in the game are not intended to be beyond the rare yellow outfits but to become critical equipment that provides special affixes, allowing players to match them with more distinctive features: the genre and unexpected gameplay.

In addition to the official design of Unique equipment, the official also opens the opportunity for players to create legends. If you become a diamond sponsor in the international version of the closed beta phase, become an eternal sponsor in the open beta phase, or purchase the creation rights of Unique items in the mall, you can participate in—crafting and Farming of Unique items.

Drop in-game

Most of the Unique items can be dropped through the game. Players can probably make a preliminary judgment based on the Unique item’s level requirements and the base level of the item. In theory, most items will fall out of the base of the Unique item. The item level is greater than the Unique item level requirements. It can share Unique items, such as the famous double storm gloves Marley Groo’s Bloodstained Gloves level limit. The base level is 21, so you can fight monsters above level 21. Opportunity to fall out of this equipment.

For the relationship between monster drop and item level, please refer to item level.

Some Unique items will deviate from the drop rules due to some unique settings. You can see the following explanation.

Limited map drop

A small number of Unique items have their item level adjusted. The iv of these Unique items may exceed the map level on the general story map, so they will not drop in the story map. It would help if you used map props to open higher maps, and It will drop only when you hit higher monsters, making them the Unique items called Map Drop Limited.

Craft limited Unique items.

The following two Unique items can only be obtained through crafting. For details, please refer to – The crafting recipe.

– Anger of the Goddess

– Chapter of Elements

Challenge alliance exclusive Unique items

Each challenge alliance will have the Unique items limited by the coalition. Players have the opportunity to obtain these Unique items when the challenge alliance is in the game. However, when the challenge alliance is over, the difficulty of obtaining these limited legends will soar. The map master must open them. Open the map of a specific challenge alliance to play izmir escort treasures, or randomly exchange for certain Divination cards, or wait for the official to be released as a prize in some competitions before you can get it again. For details, please refer to the alliance system.

– Special commemorative items

– Special rewards during the international server packaging and testing will not drop in the game.

– Seal of Sublimation

Use the opportunity stone to point out the path of exile for Unique items Poe How to obtain Unique items.

In the game, use the Poe Currency chance of orb to point to essential items (white outfit) to have the opportunity to point out magic, rare, and even Unique items. As long as the vital items are correct, there is a chance to turn him into a legend related to the item (there will be a few special restrictions. For example, if you click the Orb of Chance on a Golden Light Ring, you have the chance to turn into a Greed of Desire to play a treasured ring. The Unique way through the Orb of Chance can ignore the item level, so we use a low item level white The equipment also has the opportunity to spot Unique high-level items. izmir bayan escort But all this still returns to the problem of probability. It is not easy for the Orb of Chance to point out the legend, and the likelihood of clicking is still a mystery. Please note that the same essential item may have more than one Unique item in the process of ordering. The exact actual item may have two Unique changes or even more. Even if the legend is clicked, it may not be the one you want.

At present, I know how to use the Orb of Chance to spot the following kinds of Unique items.

– Boss drops limited items

– Challenge alliance exclusive items

– Make limited items

– Special commemorative items

– Competition reward items

Use Divination cards to redeem Unique items.

After the 2.0 revision, a Divination card system has been introduced. Players can collect Divination cards to exchange for designated or random Unique items.

Other remarks

Unique items can use sacred Orbs and sacred Orbs to change some values. Only the variable data will be modified. Some fixed values will not be changed. For the variable values, please refer to the Unique information in the item database.

Unique items cannot be copied using Callander’s Mirror, nor can they be washed back to white outfits using Reforged Orbs

Unique items can be ordered with Vaal Orbs. The effect is the same as that of other items. There is a chance to obtain Vaal affixes, white holes, and other effects. However, it is also possible to turn the Unique equipment into a random yellow outfit, destroying the Unique gear.

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