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How to Pack a Box for Shipping

How to Pack a Box for Shipping

Recent data from Pitney Bowes reveals that Amazon now delivers the most parcel shipments, surpassing even FedEx. As recent as 2020, Amazon Logistics delivered customers 4.2 billion boxes and packages.

While you may not be Amazon, you likely need to send boxes too, whether it is to customers or loved ones. You want your boxes to arrive safely, and to accomplish this, you must know how to pack a box for shipping.

It is not complex, but there are a few critical items to keep in mind. Keep reading to discover how to pack boxes the right way.

Pick the Right Box

Not all boxes are alike. There are many types of boxes. Choosing the right one is critical to what you are shipping.

First, recycling is great, but keep in mind that if you are trying to save money by reusing a box, you may do yourself more of a disservice than you expect. Rips, holes, water damage, or any other type of imperfection weaken the strength of a box.

It highly depends on what you are shipping. How heavy is it and how easily can it be damaged? For items needing extra protection, choose a box with double walls or more.

Flutes can be in the box’s walls, which are holes or tubes between the sheets of cardboard. These types of boxes are stronger and thicker. If you are shipping something heavy or fragile, choose boxes with flutes in them.

Remove Previous Barcodes and Labels

It may seem simple to understand because common sense tells you that having multiple shipping locations or barcodes can lead to confusing shipping guidelines for the carrier. However, happens more commonly than you would expect.

If someone used the box previously, or if you accidentally placed a mistake on a label and need to swap it, make sure you remove all labeling that is unnecessary for the shipment.

Types of Padding

Many items that ship should not be shifting around. Unless you are shipping something like a box with pieces to a puzzle, you should not hear pieces moving around if you gently shake it. Shifting in a box leads to damage to the item you are shipping.

There are a few types of padding you could use, like peanuts, airbags, or thick craft paper. If you are not sure which is the best cushioning for your shipment, we highly recommend you check out this information on paper packing.

How to Seal Boxes

There is nothing you can do if your box flies open while during shipment once you send it off. That is why it is important to choose a good tape. Don’t go with the cheapest option for tape but choose a good brand that is known for being durable.

The tape you use must hold the flaps down and cover the seams. Before you apply the tape, make sure the flaps you are taping together meet and that you cannot see a gap between them.

How to Pack a Box for Shipping

If you have ever received a package and opened it only to find a damaged product inside, you know exactly how the receiver of your package would feel if you were not careful sending it. Learn how to pack a box for shipping so that you never disappoint a customer or loved one.

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