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How to Perform An On-page SEO Audit in 10 Minutes

To detect penalty from google

From an SEO perspective, doing a site’s on-page SEO audit can sometimes be hard to find errors in a site. But SEO auditing doesn’t have to be complicated at all. On-page SEO audits can get you done in 10 minutes – that is, by the time you decide to have a coffee.

Most SEO audits have two things in common: 

  • They’re too technical
  • They take days to complete

This one is completely different. It only takes hours, not weeks, and doesn’t require a degree in computer science. For most small and mid-sized sites, this applies.

Before you start an audit, you must choose three different pages of your site. If you check only one page, you may lose many errors in your site.

Select pages that are important in both content and traffic. If you find a problem with a one-page type, the entire site is likely to be a problem occurs.

Tools required for the SEO audit

  • Web Developer Toolbar
  • Google search console
  • PageSpeed Insights tool
  • The on-page SEO audit tool
SEO Search Engine Optimization Internet Digital Concept

These are all essential and free of use.

Checking Google SERP

Google your brand first. This step helps you quickly determine whether your domain is properly indexed.

If you want to get a higher CTR, the heading, URL and meta description should be representative of your site and appear interesting to potential visitors.

After searching your brand on Google, you can also check the index rate of the site.

In the search box, you see the indexed pages, you have written ‘’ and get an approximate number. If there are more common technical issues with indexations, it can be analyzed in an on-page SEO audit tool.

Detecting a possible penalty from Google

Google is absolutely fine with your site. You may be unaware of the penalization being imposed, as you may not notice a large drop in organic traffic.

The simplest way how to find problems on your site is by visiting the Google Search Console. It’s a best and handy tool for developers and marketers as well.

If you find yourself being penalized by Google, you can recover from it. Also, if you hired the wrong SEO person in the past, you can also recover from it.

Finding hidden text

The search engines and visitors may view the page content differently because of the implemented CSS styles or the JavaScript language. But you can see your page with Googlebot eyes, and check for hidden text. Or, rather, you can see the text you want to see but is hidden by JS. To do so, you can disable CSS and JS with the web developer tool browser add-on.

The biggest problem that can occur is the hidden text on the site. This could result in being penalized by Google.

The hidden text from a different perspective can be a big problem. This creates a problem for the search engine to deliver and ultimately to index.

How to proceed when using the add-on:

Change options:

  • Disable all styles in section CSS
  • Disable JavaScript in section disable

Reload the page so you’re sure that both CSS and JS are disabled. Compare content with CSS turned off, then CSS enabled.

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