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How To Pick A Calendar Option? 

Calendar apps and online calendars have surpassed traditional paper calendars in use and are utilized by people around the world for both personal and business purposes. The calendar option you use affects your productivity in many ways. They are useful for both home and work. It is very important to pick a calendar option that reflects what you want and need to get the most possible out of your calendar.

No doubt this process seems to be quick and easy but is a little complicated. The availability of different calendar options usually makes it tough for you to pick the right one. However, consideration of a few things helps you pick the best calendar app or online calendar for you.

Choose Between App & Online

The first thing that you must always do to pick the right calendar option is to decide between the calendar app and the online calendar. One of the best ways to choose between a calendar app and an online calendar is to know their pros and cons. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Pros Of Calendar Apps Cons Of Calendar Apps
Calendar apps are easy to store and access. They give you the freedom to check the calendar whenever as well as wherever you want. Many calendar apps are not calendars. To use them you need to use other calendars such as Google calendar, etc.
They keep appointments and are easy to share. Some calendar apps are also paid and come with lots of ads, which makes it tough for you to use them properly.
They act as a reminder by updating you about the meeting, event, or concert before time. Sharing the data stored in the calendar app is not that easy. Some apps do not come with this feature.


Pros Of Online Calendar  Cons Of Online Calendar
Online calendars are affordable, convenient and prevent the need to download any app. They need physical access to a computer/PC and involve a high risk of data corruption.
They are schedules that prevent the need to store an app and do more than just booking the dates. They are time-consuming and are also rigid.
They record national and country-wise holidays, which further help you in managing your work and scheduling the appointments accordingly. They need some skills and techniques to use them properly and keep the data safe.

Google Calendar 

Google Calendar is a calendar option which best for those who prefer a free option. It can be used online and on Android, iOS, and the Web. It is flexible and powerful and can also be downloaded on any smartphone/device. It helps to keep track of the events and allows you to invite other contacts.


The notion is another popular calendar option that works effectively. It has calendar functionality and can be used with Google calendar. Notion and google calendar are easy to sync. It is a calendar option that is not just easy to use but is also free.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is another calendar option. It is an information management software system from Microsoft and is best for businesses. Microsoft Outlook is quite like Google calendar. It is a great calendar app and is well worth considering.

A Calendar Option


Calendy is an online calendar that is used worldwide for its unique features. It is a calendar option that provides a delightful and elegant experience to the users. This automated calendar helps you in connecting. It works with Office 365, Google, Outlook calendars and many apps like Google Analytics, etc.


Zoho calendar is a calendar app that helps to schedule workdays effectively. It is easy to share with team members, to put everyone on the same page. It also reminds/notify you regarding meetings, calls, etc. It runs smoothly and Syncs up all the other calendars into one place.


Building your own calendar on excel is another great option; the flexibility and customisability means you can get whatever you need from it. One downside is that you need the application, and the document could get lost.


The calendar you use helps you organize your work and personal life. From downloading a good calendar app to using an online calendar, there are different types of calendars to choose from. This will help you save time, money and space. Just make sure the calendar option you will pick will match your requirement.

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