How to Pick a Janitorial Service: The Complete Guide for Businesses

A recent study conducted by Indiana University drew a strong link between having a clean home environment and being healthy. A clean environment shouldn’t stop at your home. Having clean workplaces is as important.

If you want your workers and clients to feel healthier at your place of business you need to pick a janitorial service that is competent and thorough. But with your many options for janitorial services how can you select the best one?

The tips in this guide will help you narrow down your selection process so your business can be sparkling clean. Read on to learn all you need to know about picking the best janitorial service for your business.

Examine Commercial Cleaning Experience

Commercial cleaning is in a different league than domestic cleaning. Your janitorial service needs to know how to do things like buff and wax floors. They also should have the ability to deal with some basic building maintenance.

Ask your candidates how long they have been in the commercial cleaning business. Ask how many hours a week they are used to working and how many clients they have. Try to gauge how competent they are with these questions.

Check Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are one of your most useful tools when picking a commercial cleaning service. Reading other clients’ testimonials will help you select your best options for janitorial cleaning.

If someone is inexperienced or does a poor job other clients will make this known. Conversely, if somebody had a really lovely experience with their janitorial service they will write all about it online.

Pick a Janitorial Service With Qualifications

You don’t want to trust just anybody with something as important as the level of cleanliness at your business. Ask to see certifications, insurance, and qualifications. Only hire a certified janitorial service to avoid any trouble.

Accidents happen while cleaning and you want to make sure that it won’t be your insurance picking up the tab. If you hire an unqualified or uninsured janitorial service this is a very real possibility that you need to be aware of.

Compare Prices

Every janitorial service charges a different rate for their services. Some work on a salary, hourly, or package-deal basis. Make sure you understand how your candidates like to get paid and what their rates are.

Comparing janitorial fees is an excellent way to help make your final decision. If somebody over or under charges you, they are not your best candidate. You also want to make sure that you can afford the rates some companies charge.

Make Your Business Sparkle and Shine

A clean business is conducive to the health of your workers and the positive experience of your customers. You need to pick a janitorial service that has the capabilities of making your place of business look its best.

Use the information in this guide to pick the best janitorial service for your business. Keep checking back in with our site if you enjoyed this article because we have tons more about a wide range of other topics.

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