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How to Plan a Working Lunch Meeting

How to Plan a Working Lunch Meeting

Did you know that lunch prices are quickly rising as people begin to return to their offices? Many CEOs are perplexed about how to boos morale during inflation.

Are you an executive who is searching for the best way to encourage team bonding during turbulent times?

Working lunch meetings can be the answer. Read our article to learn all about how to plan a working lunch meeting this week!

Ask Your Team Their Preferences

Communicating with your entire team is an essential part of the planning process for office lunch program. In order to make sure no one feels left out, begin the line of communication weeks before the event begins.

Speaking with your team can also help you save money. For example, if multiple employees cannot eat a certain type of food, you’ll know not to waste your money on those meals.

Asking for someone’s preferences also shows them that you care about their wants and desires. In this way, the planning process for a working lunch meeting can already help strengthen team bonds!

Keep Dietary Restrictions in Mind

Speaking of team bonds, it is very common for people to have multiple dietary restrictions these days. Keeping these in mind will help everyone feel accepted and appreciated.

Dietary restrictions can be upheld for medical or personal reasons. Embracing a different diet or culture of food is a great way for everyone to get out of their comfort zone during their working lunch.

Don’t let dietary restrictions stop a member of your team from participating in your working lunch meeting. Let everyone know that you are willing to work with their needs so that you can all enjoy your time together.

Create a Lunch Meeting Theme

Themed lunches are still trending and heavily appreciated! That’s right, taco Tuesdays and thirsty Thursdays are popular themes that can help you get the gang together during a weekday.

Be patient with yourself as you begin to create your own theme days. Struggling to come up with your own ideas? Try a survey!

Send a mass email with a simple survey featuring working lunch theme options. Allow your team members to vote on their favorite ideas so that you know what would make everyone happy.

Trying a Catered Lunch Meeting 101

Catering is a respectable option for any business that would like to host their working lunch meeting at the office.

A catered lunch meeting might be a more costly option, however, restaurants make it easy for employees to customize their plates.

When you cater a lunch meeting, make sure to order extra food than you anticipate just in case an accident or two happens during the festivities.

Hungry for more helpful hints on how to throw the finest catered lunch meeting possible? Click for more information!

Run a Business Meeting During Lunch

There is no established protocol when it comes to hosting a business meeting during a working lunch period. A working lunch meeting implies light work will accompany their lunch hour.

However, some companies also use this time to hold regular business meetings as well. Since every team dynamic is different, it will take trial and error to discover which model serves your team best.

If multiple speakers are going to present during a working lunch meeting, consider rehearsing everyone’s speech before you sit down to eat. This will help the meeting run with delicious ease!

Set an Informal Dress Code for Lunch

Speaking of ease, regular working lunch meetings can be the highlight of everyone’s week. Good food and good vibes are all it takes to breathe life into an office space.

If you are hoping to create a stress-free environment during the working lunch meeting, encourage an informal dress code!

This idea is especially helpful for working lunch meetings that occur on a weekly basis. Everyone will be so excited to let loose on taco Tuesday in their jeans and T-shirts.

Conduct a Lunch Meeting on Mondays

Deciding when to hold your lunch meeting does not have to be a stressful or complicated affair. Begin by deciding which day your employees would appreciate having a working lunch meeting most.

For many people. Mondays are the most stressful day of their week. Lighten the mood with a catered lunch every week on their most stressful day!

Not only does this boost morale, but it gives them something to look forwards too as well. Keep it up and Mondays can quickly become everyone’s favorite workday at your company.

Cater Food for Employees on Fridays

If Mondays are not a good fit then consider hosting a working lunch meeting at the end of the week. Fridays can be a whole lot better with a free lunch and informal dress code in the mix!

Catered food from a deluxe restaurant is always appreciated by hardworking individuals as well. Gather excitement throughout the week by asking for everyone’s preferences on Monday.

This will give everyone enough time to personalize their orders and plan what they will wear at Friday’s working lunch meeting!

Ready to Start Enjoying a Working Lunch?

Now you know all about how to plan a working lunch meeting! Are you ready to start inspiring your employees and lowering the stress levels in your office building?

If so, remember to give everyone plenty of time to plan out their meals and share their dietary restrictions. Respecting the needs of your employees will ensure that everyone has a great time at your working lunch meeting!

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