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How to Play Paintball: 5 Tips for Beginners

If you’re a paintball rookie looking to become a seasoned shooter, you’re in the right place. Paintball battles are filled to the brim with adrenaline, color, and fun.

Ready to get dirty? Read on to learn how to play paintball and prepare yourself for the most colorful wars the world has ever seen.

Tip #1: Leave No Skin Exposed 

Paintballs are nowhere near as painful, or dangerous, as actual bullets, but they can still pack a punch. To minimize potential pain and bruising, cover up as much skin as possible.

Cozy clothing like hoodies and sweatpants will soften any blow, while thick denim and layered shirts will blunt the impact.

If you’re worried about ankle bruising, wear thick socks and tuck your pants into them. You may look ridiculous, but you’ll be coated in paint soon enough!

Most paintball fields rent out protective gear and overalls for you to wear over your clothing.

Tip #2: What To Wear  

When you play paintball, you go to war. You aren’t planning to show any mercy, and neither is the opposing team! Make it harder for them to hit you by wearing paintball clothes that blend into your surroundings. If you’re playing in a field, go for greens and dark browns. If you’re playing inside a concrete paintball park, go for grays and blacks.

Going barefoot is obviously not an option here. So, what footwear will serve you best on the battleground?

Choose shoes with solid traction. Shoes with sports cleats are ideal because of their traction, but hiking shoes or skating shoes will work well too. Steer clear of standard sneakers without ridges on the bottom, unless you enjoy landing on your backside and being pelted with paintballs.

If your shoes have laces, make sure to tuck them firmly away to avoid tripping.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Hit or Get Hit 

New players are often so scared of being hit, or of hurting their opponents, that they forget to enjoy themselves. Don’t hide away from the action! Being hit by a paintball sounds more painful than it actually is. As long as you and your teammates stick to the paintball rules and only shoot when 10 feet or more away, it’s not going to hurt that badly.

The best way to win a game of paintball is to play the game of paintball. Throw caution to the wind and get shooting! This online store has a selection of paintball equipment and paintball guns to choose from. Why not get yourself one and start practicing?

Tip #4: Don’t Always Fire at Opponents

This tip might sound backward at first, but hear us out…

Although different paintball fields have their own set of rules, typically you aren’t allowed to fire at an opponent less than 10 feet away from you. If you do, you’ll be removed from the game and your fun will be over.

On the other end of the scale, firing at a far-away opponent might do nothing more than give away your position! Wait until your opponent is close enough for you to accurately fire at them before wasting ammo and giving up the element of surprise.

Tip #5: The 3 Second Rule

Hiding behind cover helps you avoid being hit, but it cuts off your eyes from watching the game as it unfolds. As a general rule of thumb, take three seconds to look around before going back behind cover. That’s one second for your opponent to spot you, one second for them to aim, and one second for them to pull the trigger.

Want To Know How to Play Paintball? Go For It!

Paintball combines endurance, strategy, and teamwork into a colorful and exhilarating game. The best place to learn how to play paintball is on the field. So, what are you waiting for? Round up a group of buddies and go to war!

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