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How to prepare for a triathlon

Australia offers the best weather for outdoor sports and triathlon events which are available to participate in all around Australia. Before you undergo your first ever triathlon, it’s important to remember some preparation is needed to be ready on the day of the race. Get yourself a triathlon coach or someone who can help you train and hold you accountable. The best way to train is to practice each discipline at least once a week. Once you feel confident doing this, start to increase your distance. Each event activity should be broken down and practiced individually and put together prior to the race day. In this blog, we provide you with the best tips on how to prepare for your triathlon. 


When practicing the cycling component of the race, aim to keep a consistent pace each time you’re cycling. When training, ride with your normal bike. If you have a few different types of bikes a road bike will be ideal. Make sure you take your bike to get a service before you start training to ensure it’s in the best condition. It’s important to practice training in the different gears your bike has to offer. Often you have to predict when hills may come and therefore need to switch gears. This part of the triathlon is important to practice with other cyclists if you can. During the race, you will be surrounded by other bikes and if you’re not used to this it could put you at a disadvantage.


Don’t be intimidated by the idea of the triathlon run. The trick is to start slow and practice. You can switch between running and walking then slowly build up as you get your confidence up. If you’re buying a new pair of runners for the triathlon then make sure you train in these to break them in and ensure they are comfortable for the race. If you’re already a confident runner, try interval training. Interval training involves high-intensity runs with rest short rest periods in between. Switching from cycling to running can be a difficult task if you’re not used to this. To get used to this transition, run for a few minutes straight after you finish on the bike. Experiment with different running tracks so you become confident with different types of surfaces you could face during the race. 


The swim is generally the part of the triathlon people are most nervous about. If you’re not a confident swimmer start your training off by swimming laps of a pool. As you continue your training, increase the number of laps you swim each time. You will see a gradual increase in your ability over time. If your triathlon is in the ocean make sure you have plenty of practice in the sea to learn to swim in its different conditions. Joining a swimming club is a great way to get support from others as well as having the safety of training with others if you’re not overly confident in the sea. Remember you won’t be allowed to swim with flippers so it’s best to train without them.

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