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How to prepare for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy exam- Join Accountancy Online Classes

Accountancy is one of the compulsory subjects and at the same time is very lengthy and involves a lot of practice and hard work. Every chapter in Accountancy involves new concepts making every topic very important for students to study. Due to the current times of the covid-19 pandemic, all schools and colleges are closed making it very difficult for students to study and enhance their knowledge. Vidya setu Learning Accountancy online classes are the best way to prepare for exams as it provides free online classes with study material like NCERT Solutions, notes, books and sample papers, etc. 

Critical Situation for Class 11th and 12th std students- 

After regular efforts of government and front-line workers, the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet been controlled.  With a regular increase in cases, the schools and colleges are not reopening making it difficult for 11th and 12th-grade students to be able to study properly.

Accountancy or accounts is studied by students with a motive to make them aware of the Finance and accounting of individual personnel or companies and organizations. In grade 11, major topics which are taught in accountancy include ledger, balance sheet, debit or credit entries, cash book, and passbook, etc. In grade 12th students are taught more complex topics like company balance sheet, admission or retirement of partner and shares and debentures, etc. 

Most of the students who opted out for the Commerce stream feel a need to have accountancy online classes which could help them understand every topic and at the time able to solve all their problems. 

The current covid- 19 situations have made preparing for exams and gaining knowledge difficult as not everybody is privileged enough to have laptops and pads and could study without any hindrance. 

Preparation Of Class 12 Accountancy-online classes 

  1. The first and foremost step which every student should take is to join an online class that will bring regularity to students and at the same time will clarify every topic and problem-solving. 
  2. Benefits Of online tuition for 12 class for accountancy – Let us first go through the Class 12 accounts online classes benefits – 
    1.  Free of cost
    2. Experienced faculty
    3. Problem- solving
    4. Easily accessible 
    5. No distraction
    6. Available anywhere at anytime

3. The students should allocate a specific time duration to accountancy such that the students not only manage to complete their class 12 accountancy course but also are able to complete the revision.

4. The students should also take regular rest while studying so that they don’t get frustrated.

5. For Class 12 Accountancy majorly two books have been recommended which are TS Grewal and DK goel. Instead of trying to solve two books simultaneously, students must choose one book from which they understand better and should solve that book only. 

6. Students should also make sure to revise all the formulas and definitions. The theory contains 20-30% weightage making it an underdog in the class 12 Accountancy board exam.

7. Students should also make sure to go through the CBSE sample papers, previous year question papers, notes, and important questions.

All this will guarantee success in the coming exams, but where can we find the best online classes for class 12 accounts and other study material without visiting a number of sites.

The perfect solution to all these queries and complications is VidyaSetu Learning.

 Best Class 12 Accountancy Online Classes- VidyaSetu Learning

VidyaSetu Learning is an online platform whose motive is to provide education to all. It has been providing free education to all the students irrespective of any circumstances. YouTube Video Lectures are provided of the best tutors who are experienced and expertise in their specific subjects.

Online Accountancy Classes are provided best at VidyaSetu Learning. The resourceful material for class 12 students is provided by VidyaSetu for free. It provides NCERT solutions and notes, CBSE sample papers, model test papers, and question papers. 

Why VidyaSetu for accounts online classes 


Factors  VidyaSetu Learning Other Online Portals 
Faculty The Faculty at Vidya Setu is experienced and interactive. Tutors could be inflexible towards students and might teach in old ways.
Accessibility It is free of cost and hence is accessible to all  Other portals charge fees and ask for registration to even go through the sources
Charges  Free of Cost Fees and charges for enrollment in online classes 
Problem Solving It provides problem-solving May or may not provide problem-solving. In major cases, students are asking their problems to the bots only. 
Study material Provides all resources and study material.  Does not provide all resources. 


Due to the closure of all services, Online accounting classes have become very popular.

Online classes are known for their accessibility to all and other varied features. Students looking forward to knowing how to prepare for the Class 12 Accountancy exam can visit the pointers above. Students should also make sure to join the online classes for accountancy class 12 so that they could continue their studies without any hindrance. 

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