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How To Preserve The Condition of a Perfect Veil Until the Wedding?

Following wedding traditions form one of the most significant aspects of a wedding in Australia. One of the oldest traditions is the bride wearing a wedding veil. It was once a symbol of purity and chastity, but today, even though many traditions have changed, wearing a bridal veil has remained a popular wedding accessory. It is soft, dreamy and romantic as it enhances the timeless tradition and beauty of the bride walking down the aisle. About 65% of the brides choose to wear a beautiful veil that compliments the silhouette of their wedding gown. In Australia, the wedding industry has a value of 10.2 billion AUD, and the bridal stores have a market value of over 379 million AUD.

Veils have the most delicate texture, soft fabric, cutting edge beading and more that require proper care leading up to the wedding day and even after. Once the store delivers the veil, it is important to avoid stubborn creases and stains that dampen its look. This article explains everything a person must do to maintain its pristine nature without hassle.

Opening the Veil on Arrival

Ordering a bridal veil from a trusted sure ensures that it is delivered safely in a packed box or a veil bag. As it arrives, the first thing one must do is to check if it fits the look they had envisioned. Any changes require advanced notice for fixing or replacement. They must carefully unbox the heirloom and remove it from its bag in a clean and clear area. One must ensure that no sharp or wet objects are in the area which could damage it. They must also unfold it completely and hold it near the comb to avoid creating creases.

Storing it Till the Big Day

Experts recommend hanging the veil upon a neat hanger or a clip that comes within a cool, dry area away from the sunlight. A safe corner of the wardrobe is the best place for it. Hanging the veil in the garment back is also a good idea to protect it from settling dust. But one must make sure that the bag is breathable when storing it for a longer time. It is best to hang long cathedral veils by the comb to retain their elegance, and other forms can be gently draped on a clothes hanger for balance.

Transporting the Veil

One must store the box that the veil came from within a safe place using acid-free tissue paper. It helps them transport the bridal veil to the wedding location on the day without a hassle. They can also store it in the same box after the wedding to preserve its pristine condition. It helps protect the veil from rough handling, pets and accidents. They also preserve the condition of the embellishments from heavy objects and prevent them from getting distorted.

Removing the Creases

One of the best ways to handle creases on a veil is by preventing them in the first place. While holding or folding the veil one must be as delicate as possible and avoid using pressure to prevent creasing. In the unfortunate event when a veil has creases, steaming is the best way to remove them. By administering steam using a garment steamer or beside a hot shower and letting it hang freely for some time, they can remove the creases from the veil. The veil can get damp due to the steam. Therefore, they must keep the veil on a hanger to dry and avoid creasing again. Ironing is not an option, as incorrect temperatures could melt or discolour the fabric.

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