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How To Promote A Young Brand Strategy Consulting Services

Promotion can be challenging, especially when it comes to young companies, so we have collected tips from marketers and entrepreneurs on how to promote young brands faster and more efficiently. We figure out what gives a quick result, what methods help to win a loyal audience and how you can promote brand strategy consulting services with a minimal budget.

Lifehack number 1: your office is now on your social networks

I used to advise clients to talk about their office, make reports from there, and publish photographs. Today, no merits of the office will attract new employees and will not keep the old ones. In the conditions of forced remote work, fitness clubs or free breakfasts for IT specialists no longer “work”: most of our clients abandon offices altogether or make visiting them unnecessarily. Competition for talent is getting tougher, and taking care of employees at a distance comes to the fore. Companies have to be creative to retain staff with new perks, and to outside audiences, media articles, blogs on major platforms, and testimonials take precedence over a beautiful downtown office.

For example, Siemens this year for those employees who were required to go to work during the pandemic, made additional insurance against COVID-19. And in Procter & Gamble, they provided for the payment of hospitalization in private clinics – and people very positively assessed the care for their health. Usually, if you get sick, in Russia the employer will pay you about 2,000 rubles per day, while you will spend a lot of money on doctors and medicines. Feel the difference. Fintech company provides compensation in the amount of 50 thousand rubles for the purchase of necessary brand strategy consulting services medicines for employees who have fallen ill with COVID, as well as compensation and organization of testing for the entire recovery period.

Today, the reason to write in the media about the company in an HR-style is not beautiful office spaces, but insurance against illnesses, taking care of the psychological health of employees, the technical equipment of their apartments, help with remote timing, the opportunity to celebrate something together, despite the online mode.

Lifehack number 2: corporate culture has become more important than common spaces

In the same Siemens, employees of the HR department decided to invite a special trainer for general online charging. Many complained that back problems began due to working at home: a special group was created in the telegram where video lessons were posted. Moreover, in quarantine, they prepared a year-long online innovation program in the company for intellectual development, physical intelligence, emotional health, financial well-being, and the integration of new employees. Siemens employees and invited lecturers were speakers there. It is clear that all this does not require crazy budgets, but the very fact of such care played a positive role in improving the image of both the company and the employer’s brand: many have written about this.

The media also wrote that many companies have made special calendars in which each employee sees how many people are in the office today and plans the time of his arrival in accordance with this schedule. This is also a concern for safety.

Somewhere they launched a wiki system for internal use in order to create a unified knowledge base and welcome training, where they told newcomers about the company, its main values, tasks, and mission, examined in detail the organizational structure and grades of specialists, shared career stories and revealed secrets.

Another company has developed joint online games for employees at a distance – a kind of brain-ring. They also invited teachers for the children of employees, organized classes for them in English, chess, and choreography in order to give their parents work or, conversely, to relax.

In, all employees have the opportunity to use a corporate taxi for free to travel to the office and home after work. Many companies held charity events during the pandemic in favor of hospitals and doctors. This was very important for the employer’s brand: it is a pleasure for any person to be part of a team that helps those who are in a difficult situation. For example, Procter & Gamble has produced (which it has never done before) over a million medical masks and donated them to charity. And the OBI hypermarket chain handed over to the Moscow infectious diseases hospitals a batch of household goods, hygiene products, protective suits for disinfection treatment of premises, furniture, storage systems, and much more to equip the disinfection unit and office premises.

Social responsibility is one of the best brand strategy consulting services characteristics of the employer’s brand and the entire company as a whole, and this should be discussed in the media.

Lifehack number 3: tell me straight, why your company is better than the rest

Understand what is the advantage of your company over others, and tell the media about it. For example, fast career growth, option opportunities, interesting clients, unusual business structure – you need to convey these values ​​to your potential employees using the media and social networks so that people who go to work for you understand that they will be good, safe, interesting and prestigious.

For applicants for work in our agency, it was important how often we participate in awards, whether they can win recognition in the professional community. Therefore, take part in professional contests and awards, win and write about it.

One startup was able to attract IT people because it came up with an unusual team management scheme, called it “Anarchy” and told about it in the media:

You can work any 8 hours a day, not necessarily from 10 to 18, not necessarily in one block, you just need to mark in the calendar at what time you are available for work. Day, night, place – it doesn’t matter to us, the rest of the time you do not answer your mail and phone.

This helped the startup very quickly lure large IT specialists (everyone knows how IT specialists manage their time). The company did not yet have a brand advantage, but this move allowed it to close all vacancies.

Lifehack number 4: do the opposite

On the contrary, this is when a company’s PR in the media attracts not only customers but also new employees. When we first started working with the MODI chain of stores, one of the tasks of the PR campaign was to promote the brand as a whole,. But it turned out that this brand strategy consulting services played a positive role for both buyers and potential employees.

Literally, after several publications in the media, the company was able to close all positions of line personnel in stores. Because at the same time they talked about their approach to assessing the work of employees, although the main topic of the publications was lifestyle because MODI is a chain of stores selling goods for home, interior, creativity, and sports. Everyone who came for the interview said they had recently read about MODI in the media.

Another example: the NIKE Box pavilion in Gorky Park. The company built it to promote its values ​​- it hosts lectures and masterclasses by famous athletes, joint sports competitions. And football and basketball courts, a functional training studio Nike Training Club, and the base of the Nike Running Club operate free of charge. Classes are available here for people of all fitness levels. More than 50,000 people a year pass through NIKE Box, and it is clear that all of them become potential buyers of NIKE products.

To summarize, when you promote your company, you should also think about promoting the employer’s brand, about what opinion your future employees will make of you from different sources. Conversely, a successful employer brand PR will bring you not only new employees but also new clients.

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