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How to Promote Employee Accountability in Your Organization

How to Promote Employee Accountability in Your Organization

19% of people reported feeling unhappy in their current role, which is almost a fifth of all workers across the country. And part of that unhappiness may be because staff accountability is lacking.

With a lack of accountability in the workplace, there will be increased frustration for both employers and employees. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Wondering how to increase employee accountability in the workplace to improve staff culture? Read on for a few tips!

Prioritize Feedback

When it comes to having employees learn more and improve at their job, giving clear feedback will ensure that everyone knows what is expected and how to get there.

When giving feedback, it needs to be clear and concise so that nothing gets lost in communication. Feedback also needs to be given soon after something happens, whether it’s something good or bad.

If you need to give constructive feedback for something that has gone wrong, you should do it right away to nip it in the bud. If an employee has done something great, you want them to know to increase the likelihood that it happens again.

Have Staff Build Community

If there is no community in the workplace, staff are less likely to be accountable for their actions because they do not have emotional connections formed with other employees. However, with a sense of community, staff are more likely to feel a need to be accountable.

This is why you should prioritize community when running a workplace.

To start, you can have all staff wear name badges, so it is easier to get to know each other. Name tags are also crucial if staff is interacting with customers. Not only does it form a community but having name badges also keeps staff members accountable for their actions.

Additionally, staff can participate in community-building activities to get to know each other better and increase the community feeling.

Set Goals

Setting goals in the workplace can improve accountability in your team because team members know the expectations. They are aware of what needs to happen and when.

Making sure goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals is also important to ensure that each goal is achievable, timely, and relevant to employees and the company.

Celebrate Success

People that work in a happier environment are more likely to be productive and successful. If that’s something you want in your organization, celebrating success is crucial.

Not only will celebrating success improve employees’ morale, but it will also improve employee accountability.

Why? Because when people see others being praised for doing something well, they’ll want the same thing. This may cause them to work harder, holding themselves accountable for all of their actions.

Increase Employee Accountability

Increasing employee accountability is not something that should be overlooked when running a workplace.

Without accountability, the workplace can quickly become a negative work environment for staff and customers. With these tips, you’ll notice staff accountability increase.

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