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How to recover from a burglary

A home is a comforting place, a haven of peace in which we like to take refuge and where we feel safe. But then, when burglars break into your home. They come to violate your privacy and break the circle of plenitude that surrounds your home. Whether you are present on the premises or not, break-ins are a huge source of stress, and very often, they lead to more or less severe trauma. So how do you get over a burglary despite the emotional consequences that ensue? Follow our benevolent advice to start the path to appeasement and find out how you can deal with this feeling of injustice, rape, fear, or anger!

Our technical advice to recover from a burglary

Your door has been forced open, and your home has been completely turned upside down. You realize that you are the victim of a burglary. And the criminals have dared to steal personal property from you, to which you are surely very attached. Stolen objects are often not the most difficult thing to accept in this situation. The break-ins, or rather the entry of strangers into your home, affect you the most. The damage is often only material, while the psychological impact of this act can last for several years. So, to rebuild yourself and calm your mind after a burglary attempt or simply a theft, it is possible to resort to security reinforcement. Please take a look at our tips to help you reassure yourself.

Install an alarm and/or a monitoring device.

To respond to a thief’s intrusion or to reduce the risk of a break-in attempt, not to mention helping to recover from a burglary. There is an almost radical solution: monitoring and setting up an alarm system in your home. Note that you can also combine the two. Alarms are ingenious devices that develop a little more each year. They are helpful in warning the neighborhood or you that a burglar is trying to break into your house or apartment. Usually, as soon as the alarm sounds, thieves flee for fear of being caught. Consider calling on qualified professionals who are members of the All in one Locksmith network.

Even more compelling than alarms in recovering from burglary, CCTV cameras are the best solution against theft. These films show the interior and exterior of your home. They are connected to a central and sometimes to your smartphone, so as soon as a crime is being committed, the operators are warned or you are warned, and you can contact the gendarmerie for quick intervention. In addition, after being the victim of a burglary, this type of installation can help you find a certain peace of mind, especially during your vacation. So, after a break-in or an attempted theft, consider asking for several quotes for this type of equipment, so you will have an idea of ​​the price of such an installation! Know that this is an excellent investment to reduce the risk of a break-in while constituting perfect proof of flagrant delicto …

For video surveillance installation, at All in One Locksmith, we offer to support you in your projects by providing a network of qualified professionals to ensure your safety!

opt for changing windows and doors.

To guard against theft or respond to a break-in already committed in your home. It is possible to replace your joinery and your openings with more robust and secure solutions. At the front door, turn to an armored door. It is more difficult to force open, and its effectiveness lies! Statistics prove that if a burglar takes more than 5 minutes to enter your home, he often gives up. Usually, they use a credit card, fake keys, or even a crowbar to break in. So, take care to choose a solid door with several closing points and a thick composition.

As a second solution, we offer you the replacement of your windows. Some openings are more robust and made up of technologies capable of preventing attempted theft. The glazing, the profile, or the structure are reinforced, and it is almost impossible to break them. This solution participates in recovering from burglary by taking care of your thermal comfort. It is a two-in-one idea.

I prefer the reinforcement of the locks.

After a break-in or even an attempted intrusion, turn to the reinforced lock and the addition of multi-point locks. This solution is more accessible than changing joinery or setting up a monitoring system. So it is suitable even for the smallest budgets. This tip encourages setting up an armored lock or multiplying several locks on your existing door to help you recover from a burglary. Again, the lock, the multi-point lock, and the number of locks to be broken will encourage the thief to turn back. So, don’t wait any longer to contact a professional locksmith!

Buy a guard dog

Finally, to technically compensate for traumatic vandalism, a very simple solution is to purchase a guard dog. Not only will he be a loyal and loving pet, but, unknowingly, he may act as a lethal weapon to deter burglars. Dogs bark; they warn you because they sense danger. However, they are territorial, and frankly, they do not like unknown individuals setting foot in their spaces. This is why, very often, if the burglars are obstinate, the dogs attack and slow their progress. If you choose to adopt a dog, know that it is a great commitment since you must ensure the animal’s well-being.

Our tips for recovering psychologically from a burglary

Damage and stolen loot aren’t the only things that affect you. There is no shortage of technical solutions working to deter burglars, but they are not the only thing to consider. The burglary impacts your mind, it touches you right in the heart and can be very disturbing. That’s why it is better to:

  • Consult your doctor or therapist.
  • Surround yourself with loved ones.
  • They resume their daily routine.
  • Start a procedure with the police and the courts.

You will see that the road to recovery is sometimes a bit long. But you will succeed in rebuilding yourself little by little. Over time, with these tips, you will think less and less about the risk of a burglary or seeing your home being broken into.

What to do in the event of the theft of your personal property?

If you are the victim of a theft or you notice signs of burglary in your home. Here is the procedure after a burglary report. First, it is advisable to warn the police not to intervene and not to touch anything as soon as possible. Once the gendarmes are on the scene, they will survey the evidence and make an inventory of the goods that have been stolen. Subsequently, you are advised to file a complaint, initiate legal proceedings, and contact your insurance. Thus, you will learn about the procedure to follow with your insurer and the guarantees you will benefit from to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Your insurance contract is also invaluable in obtaining compensation!

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