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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12157

QuickBooks Error 12157

QuickBooks Error 12157 is a substitution Error inside the product that has a place with the Error code 12000 assortment. The Error specifically emerges because of the net network inconveniences in windows OS with Microsoft Win32 net, moreover alluded to as WinInet API. The API permits QuickBooks help to get right of section to various net conventions along with HTTP, FTP, and Gopher quickly. In any case, this Error emerges when the API doesn’t paint well. This blog represents the fundamental variables of this QuickBooks Error 12157, along with its investigating procedures. 

What is QuickBooks Error 12157 

QuickBooks is a notable bookkeeping programming application that makes completing confounded bookkeeping commitments perfect and fast. QuickBooks programming application items are particularly engaged inside the course of little and medium-sized gatherings. when utilizing QuickBooks, it isn’t generally unprecedented to confront invaluable errors. 


QuickBooks Error 12157 is a substitution Error that occurs in snappy Books for the PC. Something that meddles with the update system can achieve this Error. 


Indications of Quickbooks Error Code 12157 

  • There are the indications which are showing up on your device even as the Quickbooks Errors 12157 is taking care of your framework. 

  • Restrictive firewall settings and web insurance applications. 

  • Broadening QuickBooks helps more than one model of a similar framework or gadget. 

  • Character web or assurance applications can manifest while overhauling the pc programming utilization of QuickBooks. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 12157 

Inside the center of the QuickBooks update technique, you can see a Error message suddenly blazing in your showcase that discourages the supplant framework. This Error message emerges as a result of the under-listed thought processes- 

  • Negative net Settings: sure web settings or assurance programming settings may likewise interfere with and update and reason Errors 12157 in QuickBooks. 

  • More than one QB model on the equivalent pc: more than one variety of the QuickBooks on a similar instrument and of similar a year can trigger update Errors in QuickBooks. For instance: QB work area prepared 2016 and QB work area at the indistinguishable gadget.

  • Prohibitive Settings of Firewall: from time to time, Firewall or other insurance projects can interfere with an update strategy in view of the wellbeing reasons. 

  • Consequence of Intuit QB Error 12157: The commonness of QuickBooks Errors 12157 can likewise disappear various occasions on your undertaking bookkeeping method along with- 

  • An update strategy inside the QuickBooks work area gets hindered as fast the Error code shows up 

  • Appearance of this QuickBooks Error message code with each bombed endeavor 

  • Absence of fundamental bookkeeping time and tranquility of contemplations 

  • How to determine QuickBooks Error Code 12157? 

  • The underneath characterized answers permit you to eliminate QuickBooks Error 12157 straight away, if they might be being-followed with absolute consideration. 

Solution 1: play out the recovery of prevalent Settings of IE 

An incorrect progress Settings in your default web program may give upward push to QuickBooks Error 12157. Reestablishing the settings to default can reestablish the glitch. 

  • Disappear QuickBooks in the principal zone to start the investigating technique 

  • Open net Explorer and pick gear from Menu Bar 

  • Visit the web choices and afterward select unrivaled tab 

  • Inside the absolute last advance, you need to pick the maintenance progressed Settings to achieve the mission 

Presently move back to QuickBooks work area and endeavor to supplant the product once more. In the event that QuickBooks PC substitution Error 12157 shows up once more, at that point move to the following Solution. 

Solution 2: Configure Firewall/3-party programming 


The settings of your firewall or outsider net insurance bundles forestall an update for QuickBooks Support PC or finance. The substitution framework can handiest be finished while those projects permit approaching and active get admission to through 10172 ports. You’ll require web access for various records with .Exe augmentations including QBDBMgrN.Exe, QBW32.Exe, and FileManagement.Exe.


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