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How to Setup a Mainland Company in Dubai? What are the Benefits?

If you want to setup a Mainland Company in Dubai, you will need to register with a firm DDED (Dubai Department of Economic Development). The Dubai Department of Economic Development issues you a business license in Dubai to commence the business.

The Mainland Company in Dubai is an onshore business that can conduct business exercises in the local market in Dubai. It has no control over the scope of its business in terms of commercial and professional licenses. A UAE citizen, a local sponsor is required to set up a mainland company in Dubai. Hence the general shareholding method of the Dubai Mainland Company,

For-profit sharing among a local sponsor and a foreign investor, the mainland business in Dubai allows a legally binding arrangement through which a sponsor can spend a decided annual fee, percentage of sales, or percentage of profits. Of these, the determined annual fee is the most common, providing the foreign investor to maintain 100% control of his company, and the local sponsor or partner will not be included in business enterprises or profit-sharing.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is liable for the major business set-up in Dubai; Its enrollment, permitting, commercial compliance, and consumer protection in UAE.

Businesses that list their business in mainland Dubai can function commercial, manufacturing, commercial, professional, or tourism ventures.
If you wish to set up a company in Dubai mainland read this article to get more knowledge on Business setup in Dubai.

Mainland Company in Dubai – Overview

Mainland businesses are one of the most advanced business entities in Dubai. This came into power on 1 July 2015. This replaces the former Commercial Companies Act (CCL) which began in 1984 -Law No. 8 . To open your Mainland business, you must comply with the legal framework and government policies within the jurisdiction of the commercialized geographical areas under the jurisdiction of the Emirati Government.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government agency liable for overseeing its activities and supporting economic development with three main goals.

  • Dubai Export Development Corporation
  • Mohammed bin Rashed Establishment for Small or Medium businesses.
  • Establishment of Dubai Foreign Investment Development

The business Listing & licensing division of DED supplies trading, professional & Industrial enterprises licenses.

Dubai Mainland Business Equipment (DED)

  • Commercial licenses including all types of business activities
  • Professional licenses for Professionals, Services, Artisans, and Craftsmen
  • Industrial licenses for starting industrial or construction activities

Dubai Mainland Business Setup Process

  • Choose Local Liability Company (LLC) or your local service agents required to start a local business
  • Accept the name from ED DED
  • Make an MOA with a Professional Service Agent and present the license application to DED
  • For the quick startup, Get a 100% Ownership and Tax Deduction for Business Free Zones Licensing
  • Check Suitable Location Compatibility, Accessibility, and Price
  • Visa eligibility and needs
  • You require registration consultant as aided business solution partner
  • Do not plan based solely on published information
  • Do not choose a business license without a spec
  • Never over-analyze bank charges
  • Do not rush to sign a contract with a local corporate service agent without legal paperwork and consent.

Why set up a mainland company in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a great atmosphere in the Gulf, and because of its strategic location, vibrant economic policies and good planning, it is a wonderful place to set up a mainland company.

Well-planned entrepreneurial ventures, various tax incentives, double tax exemptions, and natural resources such as oil have allowed the UAE to develop the service, industrial and commercial sectors, and have been effective in making it a vibrant business hub.

Benefits of setting up a mainland company in the UAE

  • Easy to get office space at affordable rates with the ability to rent/lease wherever.
  • A Possibility to do business in any part of the UAE
  • There are no restrictions on the processing of legal documents
  • No yearly annual auditing
  • Corporate or personal taxes is not present
  • Restrictions on obtaining employment visas and easy recruitment process are not there.

Foreign Ownership & the Options on Dubai Company License

As specified earlier on the establishment of a mainland enterprise, only certain legal entities allotted for the bulk of foreign ownership, a recent order leading to changes. From March 30, 2021, foreigners can acquire full ownership of more than the prior maximum of 49 percent. That implies foreigners will no longer have to select a local Emirati sponsor with a 51% membership.

From March 30, 2021, branch companies isn’t longer need a local agent. If there is only one part-owner, there are more opportunities for full foreign ownership. You should only have a local agent to submit his or her help to represent your interests before the Ministries of Labor and Immigration.

The regulations state that the local agent for this type of business has no decision-making role in the works of your company. As such, you have comprehensive managerial authority over your entity.

Besides, in Dubai, there is another alternative that provides full foreign ownership for freelance services. What is this opportunity? The Dubai Trader License is only obtainable to those already living in the United Arab Emirates. Hence, it does not enable you to employ for any visas. Unlike other ways on how to begin a business in the UAE, you do not have to rent an office area with Ejari, as the substance will be registered at your residential address. For this choice, unlike other formats, you do not need to obtain a local agent or sponsor. Like other enterprises, you can utilize a limited number of licensed activities.


The program intends to integrate enterprises operating on the Internet and social media into their official personal database. Privileges granted to trader license holders by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) cover the opportunity to attend demonstrations and workshops, means to handle imports and exports through customs, and access to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

You will also get a business card that enables you to hire up to three employees. In brief, you can permit remotely operating business activities and the appropriate authorities will be ready to assist you as wanted. Under this scheme, you will receive ten license permissions within the same activity group for each license.

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