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How to Simply Reinstall Window 10 without Bloatware?

Windows 10 is the Latest version of Windows but most of the users find problem in updates because of the bloatware applications. These applications interrupt your activities and also slow down the performance of the computer system. So, people are looking for the solution for how they can get a Windows 10 update with no bloatware or junk ware. The Bloatware applications take up more than 25% of the space in your system. So, in this article you will read the solution to Reinstall Windows 10 without the Bloatware. But if you need any technical help then you can contact to the customer care Microsoft via

Windows timely provide upgrades and updates, and it gives newest feature of “fresh start”. This process will start your computer afresh just by reinstalling and updating your windows. This will keep safe all your stored personal files.

Steps to Reinstall Windows 10 Without the Bloatware:

1: Restoring and Reinstalling Windows:

Windows regularly updates the system. And if you want to reinstall Windows without Bloatware, then you should look for the “Fresh Start” option. Now with the Windows10 Creator’s update, you should select the “Reset this PC” option to restore the factory settings. Through this new update, you can make changes to your PC.

You can reinstall a clean version of windows by just going to the start menu and then you should open settings. Here, you will view the Update and Security menu. Now, in the Update & Security menu, you should go to recovery. Then in the next Window, you will see the message “If you’re having problems with your PC, then you should go to setting”.

2: Handle the “Fresh Start”:

For this, first you should choose this menu and this will take you to another window in which you will read “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of windows”. Now, here it will open up Windows Security window which is under the Device Performance & Health. In this new window, you will view the “Get Started” option with the fresh start. You have to click on this option. Now in the Window, it will show you how much time the process is going to take. After this, you should click on the Next button. Then the Window will show you the list of all the applications which it will uninstall in the process.

And the computer will also save the list as a text file just to give you the list of all the applications which you have previously installed. If you completely accept the list, then you should click on “next” option. Remember this; you cannot be able to work on your device during the reinstallation process. So, you should do this process in the free time. Now, in the “Let’s get started” window, you should click on “start” option. After completing this process, you will get a fresh installed Windows 10. Now, you should ensure that your device downloads all the hardware drivers on its own.

If you want any kind of assistance in the procedure, then you can contact to the expert of Microsoft team via

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