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How to Spot Early Symptoms of Tremors

A tremor is an inadvertent muscular movement that causes various areas in your body to shake without your control. This shaking movement is often associated with the trembling of hands and fingers. But it can also affect your head, arms, legs, and vocal cords.

Tremors can occur on their own with no cause behind them. However, it is also commonplace for it to show as a symptom of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

To help you identify tremor before it starts affecting your daily life to a significant degree, here’s how to spot early tremor symptoms.

Your Hands Tremble When You Take Any Action

Whether you are taking a stroll through the park, swimming, washing the dishes, or getting ready, your hands should never have severe trembling. Although it is common to have a little trembling if you’ve been holding something heavy for a long time or having an intense workout, it should never be consistently trembling throughout the day.

In this regard, noticing a shaking movement in your hands when you are performing a task is a telltale sign of developing a tremor. In fact, it is also one of the most common essential tremor symptoms. With this in mind, make sure you keep an eye on trembling hands when writing, picking something up, or even pressing a button.

Your Voice Shakes When You Speak

If you don’t know much about tremors and how they can disrupt your physical abilities, it can be difficult to wrap your head around their effect on your vocal cords. But it does happen in several cases, where tremors may cause your voice to shake, change in volume, or have slurred speech.

Understanding these changes can be overwhelming at first. But if their occurrence becomes too frequent to ignore, you should start noting down their frequency. Before and even after speaking to your doctor about them, you can start using a symptom journal to track other tremor signs. This helps your physician get a thorough understanding of your condition.

Your Head Cannot Stop Trembling

Head Cannot Stop Trembling

Tremors can also affect your head, which results in uncontrollable shaking even when you are not doing anything physically strenuous. This means that even when you are trying to adopt important health tips, these tremors can disturb your plans to live a more flourishing life. But if you catch this symptom early, you may look into various methods to manage it.

For instance, head exercises such as simply turning your head to one side can help reduce such trembling. But you should speak to your healthcare provider to make sure that you are following personalized management and treatment methods. This is especially true if you feel head tremors with additional symptoms in other areas or already use a cognitive function app as an older adult.

You May Start Losing Your Physical Grip

Tremors may also cause you to lose your physical grip over objects, affecting your ability to write, draw, or cook. This symptom can be emotionally painful if you have to let go of your hobbies. But it can also be physically harmful if you are learning how to get into fitness as a beginner or doing exercises to improve your muscle and bone strength.

This symptom may seem like a rare occurrence at first, where you unintentionally drop whatever you are holding in your hand. But if this happens a few times over a week or a month, you need to look into active management methods. You can still get back to exercising  by looking into targeted treatment solutions such as a seated elliptical.

When you keep an eye out for these symptoms, you can ensure to catch tremor as a standalone challenge or a sign of a distinct condition. Either way, it helps you manage this ongoing issue and enjoy your lifestyle and hobbies without significant compromises.

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