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How to start a Youtube channel: complete steps involved

This article will break down the very beginning steps involved. Not talking so much about how to grow your channel but more focused on how to actually start your YouTube channel. We know that many of you are interested in starting your own YouTube channel either because you have something that you are really passionate about and like to share.

Another reason is to connect with people or you want to make it into a career and earn a full-time living from it. Jumping directly into the topic of how to start a youtube channel, it involves 10 steps that you need to follow.

Complete steps involved in starting a Youtube channel

The steps that are involved in initiating the process of building a channel should be followed in a sequential manner. Check out the complete steps given below:

  • Now the first thing is that you need to choose a topic for your channel that you’re really passionate about. If you want to have a successful YouTube channel you’re gonna have to make a whole lot of videos that are mostly focused on one central topic. Also, you want to make sure that you choose something that you could talk all day about. We would recommend that you should look at other channels that are similar.


  • The second thing that you need to do is get really clear for yourself, about exactly who your subscribers are going to be and what value they’re going to get out of watching your videos. People are only going to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel if there is something that they’re getting from it. Even if that’s something is simply entertainment value or relief from their boredom but you need to figure out who these people are going to be and why they’re gonna watch your videos. All in all, you can decide what videos will really appeal to them and make videos every single week that will continue to interest and engage them.


  • The next thing that you need to do is to brainstorm 100 different video ideas. Now you don’t need a hundred video ideas but for your own benefit, we would really recommend that you should think of a hundred potential ideas. The reason is you will never feel like you don’t know what to make next.


  • The fourth step of how to start a Youtube channel is to choose some equipment. You don’t need anything really fancy as you can get started just with your smartphone. If you any smartphone from the past couple of years it is probably going to have just fine video quality for starting out and phones actually tend to have a really good audio quality as well. So, you won’t even need a microphone when you’re starting out. The biggest thing you need to keep in mind when you’re starting is lighting, it has a dramatic impact on the quality of your videos. The more lights you can get on your face the better your videos will look.


  • The fifth step that you need to do to start your YouTube channel successfully is to decide on your filming and uploading schedule. So, don’t just decide which days you’re gonna upload but also figure out when you’re actually going to get those videos filmed so that you can put them on your calendar. Make sure that you get that done every single week, stop for the best results. I’d recommend you upload at least once every week two or three times. Also, focus on the quality over the quantity as you need to be consistent with uploading.

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  • The next step is to actually create your YouTube channel now. YouTube makes this really easy especially if you already have a Gmail account you can basically just log in with your Gmail account on YouTube and then click through their prompts to set up your YouTube channel. It’s super simple and they make it easy enough for anyone to do.


  • Now, create a banner for your channel and write a description. These things really make your channel look a little bit more professional. If someone watches one of your videos they can click on your channel. Also, they will realize what your channel is all about. Also, you can put fun information in your banner or in your channel description that can motivate people to subscribe.


  • Step number eight of how to start a youtube channel is to actually film your first video. Now, don’t overthink this it’s probably gonna be a little bit awkward if you’ve never done it before. There will be a little bit of uncomfortable feeling but that’s what everyone goes through.


  • The next step is to edit the video and create the thumbnail. So, chances are when you film that first video or even when you film the hundredth video. You’re gonna make a few mistakes in the beginning. Now, you need to pop your video footage into some sort of editing program. There are some great free options out there like iMovie on Macs or Windows Movie Maker on Windows computer. Then there are also plenty of other options like Adobe Premiere Pro. But it doesn’t matter so much which program you choose when you’re first starting out. Just don’t use something that is overly complex. As it will confuse you or overwhelm you choose a simple program. Pop your footage into that program and then just cut out any mistakes and then if you want. You can add a title card at the beginning of the video. This will tell us exactly what the video is about after you edit the video. Also, you can either take a screenshot from the video to use as the thumbnail.


  • Now, to upload your first video we would recommend you to upload videos in the morning. This will give people the most time to watch them during the day. But, I don’t think that there is anyone who will tell you about the time. But, you need to upload it at the best time. Generally is considered to be best to upload at the same time.

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