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How to start profitable poultry business?

Running a poultry business requires more than just agricultural know-how. If you want to know about the poultry business, you need to search for a way to grow your business. Establishing your business, raising chickens, and growing your business are all part of the poultry business. When you take this into concern, you will be able to market, finance, and network to grow your business.

Tips to start a profitable poultry business

1. Decide on farm

The chicken farm has two categories: laying chicken and meat producing. Choose egg-laying as your focus if you prefer to work with hens and sell farm-fresh eggs. And if you are interested in raising chickens for meat, then make a meat production farm instead. Meat production farmers can also utilize every part of chicken when selling their bone, which helps make revenue.

Decide whether you want to raise chicken for egg or meat. If you want to raise a chicken to sell meat, then you need to build a farm accordingly. And if you want to build a farm for laying chicken, then you should build a farm to facilitate them.

2. Pick a chicken breed that matches your business

Not all chicken breeds are the same. Some chicken is for meat production, and some are for an egg. Chicken that you are raising for meat are broiler chickens, and chickens that are raised for eggs are layers of chicken. Once you have made a decision on a niche, choose the breed that is best for your specific niche.

If you want to raise chicken for eggs, then you may choose a breed like Rhode island red, Hamburg, or Sussex chickens. You can also consult an expert on chicken breed then make your decision. Try to choose the best breed so that you can grow your business in a short period.

3. Choose a location

Location is important to start a poultry business. Some farmers decide to start a business in their backyard, but this may not work all the time. When choosing the location, you need to look for an area that is near the market and has a good transportation network.  You can buy land outside of your town, but close enough that you can drive to or from it on a daily basis.

Further, you move from your city, the cheaper the land you will get. However, make sure you have easy access to transportation. And, if you cannot find land near the city limits, look for land in the countryside where you will have plenty of space to farm.

4. Provide a good housing

Housing is another important factor in the poultry business. Poultry housing is important for the protection and survival of your commercial poultry birds. The housing system you choose totally depends on the poultry breeds and farming method.

The housing you build for your chickens should have enough movement of the birds. Shelters for the bird must be raised adequately to prevent the risk of flooding.

5. Medication for the poultry Birds

Quality and neat feeds are a must for the chicken. The feed must be clean and dry always, as contaminated feed can infect poultry. Fresh quality and nutritious food is the main factor to success in the poultry farming business. And also, your birds should not lack water.

Medication and vaccination can prevent many poultry diseases. As a commercial poultry farmer, you need to have a veterinary doctor who can visit you anytime. There are various medications and vaccinations that help the healthiness of your birds to keep them safe.

6. Market and sell the product

Poultry farming is a profitable business, and the desire of poultry farmers is to make good sales after every harvest. So, you need to pay attention to the marketing and sales aspect of your business. Do not look for the optional aspect of your business so much that you ignore the sales aspect.

Nevertheless, the following ideas can help you un the marketing and sales of your chicken. You can your business online, sell to hotels and restaurants, advertising your products product, employing, marketers and home delivery.

7. Feed your chicken daily

Buy chicken feed from a pet or agricultural supply store and feed your chicken once a day. Give them about 99 g of chicken feed a day to keep your chicken healthy and prevent malnourishment.

You can also give chickens corn, halved grapes, or cabbage as a treat, but avoid feeding them these treat more than several times a week as it’s less healthy than chicken feed.

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