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How to Start Selling Creative Books

Did you know that more than 200 million people in the United States have a dream of writing a book?

Unfortunately, less than 5% of those people finish their drafts and try to take steps towards getting their work published.

If you have an idea for a book and are almost done with drafting it, you need to learn about the selling process.

Keep reading to learn about what steps to take to start selling your creative books and get your name on the bookshelves!

Finalize Your Story

One of the first things to do when you sell creative books is to finalize your work.

Getting your drafts edited and reviewed can help. Feedback will ensure that your book is ready to hit the shelves and isn’t full of grammatical errors. At this point, you should also consider sending your work to a publishing company for additional help.

When you have a final draft that has been approved, you will need to get it printed. Many people recommend QINPrinting for your book printing needs, they have excellent service and prices.

Post the Book Online

A practical way to sell books is by posting them online.

Whether you use your website, social media pages, or both, your readers won’t be able to buy your book if they don’t have a way to. Selling books has never been easier with the help of online resources. You can increase book sales by finding readers from across the globe.

If you have a blog page, you could add an additional page or post about purchasing your books.

Set Up a Mailing List

Most authors have a blog page that already has a strong following.

With this information, you can set up a mailing list to advertise your book. Since these customers already provided you with their email, you can notify them of upcoming books and ways to buy them.

Make sure that your emails are short and sweet, but also easy to navigate. Your links should take the reader directly to your selling page.

Hit the Shelves

Writing a book is a lot of work so when you finally see your name at the local bookshop, it is highly rewarding.

Talk to your local bookstores to see if they have a section for authors in the area. Most businesses will want to support the writers and might sign a contract with your to sell your stories.

After your books are on the shelves, however, the job isn’t done. You will need to keep writing and interacting with readers to get a strong following.

Start Selling Your Creative Books

If you want to start selling your creative books, there are a few steps to take.

Once you are happy with your final draft, you can get your story published and printed. Many writers are using their websites and blogs to sell their books but you should also try getting them in the stores. Bookstores are still a great place to invest your time, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your local store.

With enough success, you will need to keep writing so that your readers have something new to look forward to.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about writing a book and exploring your creative side!

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