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How to Start Working with SMS Marketing Services?

When your goal is to reach out to your customers, SMS marketing services should be your first choice of marketing service. But it must be done using the right method to make it a successful investment for your business.

One of the main benefits of doing SMS marketing is being able to bring back customers multiple times without bugging them too much with ads and unnecessary calls, which most of the times are not treated as well.

Here are some SMS marketing tips to start from scratch.


The first step of the process involves deciding a keyword that best represents your business or the services that you sell. This isn’t just any other word or phrase, so it is necessary that you choose this wisely.

Your keyword should always be short. No one likes a long keyword that is hard to memorize. Imagine having a keyword such as ‘best black fashion sneakers without shoelaces and flat soul’. This would be an immediate turn off and customers would probably ignore it.

Always keep the keyword simple. It should be easy enough so people would remember it just by reading it once. If people are having trouble remembering a keyword or spelling it, chances are you didn’t choose the right one.

Always make sure it reflects your services and the business you are in. For example, choose ‘baseball bat’ as a keyword would be a waste if you are selling shoes or burgers.

Bulk SMS Provider

Once you are done choosing the right keyword for your business, it is time to choose the right SMS provider platform or a bulk SMS provider. When you start the process, make sure that the keyword is available with the provider you are choosing.

Choose the right service provider who offers you full support after your purchase. There is no point in going with a provider with a fancy tool with 50 features who cannot resolve the simplest issues in time that you might have.

It can be confusing as some businesses like to use email instead, therefore you need to make sure that the provider you choose offers SMS services. So, inquire about this prior to finalizing the deal with them.

Additionally, make sure that the tool or the website your service provider is offering is easy to use. Investing money in such services is useless if half of your time is wasted on figuring out your way around the software or website.


After you have finalized, it’s time to make a deal with them and choose the right plan that suits the needs of your business. There is no need to go with a plan that offers too much than you need, or too little. You will only waste your budget if you pay for a bigger plan than you need.

At the same time, you should also ensure that you do not choose the smallest package just to fill the bare minimum. Always keep scalability in mind. With time your business will grow, and your business needs will follow the same route. AS a result, you will need more space or a bigger package. Don’t forget to reserve your keyword afterwards.

Auto Responder

It is extremely important that you set up an auto responder. This will allow you to automatically send a message or reply to the customer who subscribes to your services. It will help the customer to understand that you acknowledge their support.


And this is it, now that you are all set up with Bulk SMS gateway, it’s time to grow your business.

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