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How To Tackle Emergency Plumbing Issues?

Not every plumbing issue is considered to be an emergency. You can keep some problems on hold for a business day. But in emergencies, the plumbing conditions go beyond the standard. These involve water damage and also cause damage to the property like its insulation, ceilings, roofing, and walls. 

Whom Do We Contact During Plumbing Emergencies?

Ordinary plumbers are often not available in emergencies, so in case of an emergency, you must contact emergency plumbers like those from Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage

They are known for twenty-four hours, trained to handle emergencies and find a solution to them without allowing further damage. 

What Are Some Examples Of Plumbing Emergencies?

We will here talk about some of the plumbing emergencies to give you an idea of when you must call an emergency plumber-

  1. Burst Pipes- It is a common scenario during winter when the water inside the pipe freezes and expands, causing breakage and cracks in the water pipes, which might lead to leakage or flooding in the house.
  2. Flooding- Any signs of water accumulation or flooding are signs of a severe plumbing emergency, and you must contact the emergency plumber as soon as possible. While the familiar places are the kitchen and bathroom floors, you can also notice the ceiling above your rooms sagging or dripping or pieces of soggy drywall that can get detached from the kitchen. 
  3. Absence of running water- Not having a freshwater supply would eventually compromise hygiene and human well-being. Apart from that, it would impact the regular household activities. The absence of running water can be due to leakage or burst pipes. 
  4. Gas leaks: This is also a critical plumbing emergency. Gas leaks can be hazardous, and slight ignorance can lead to disastrous accidents like breaking out of fires and explosions, causing threats to human lives and might cause death. 

What Should You Do When You Notice A Plumbing Emergency?

Here are some of the basic things that you must do when you see any plumbing emergency before a professional arrives –

  • Shut off the water: When you shut off the water supply, it reduces the risk of water damage to a great extent. In toilets and kitchens, you would find valves, and by rotating them, you can stop the supply. 
  • Try to identify the problem: Although it can be complicated to assess and identify the problem without any professional knowledge, if the problem is a leak, you might try to cover it with plumbers tape or wrap up old towels as a temporary solution till the plumber arrives. 
  • Try to fix the problem yourself: If you have proper plumbing tools and have the basic knowledge about the pipelines, you might try to fix the problem if it is not complicated. But if you cannot, it’s better not to deal with it without the help of a professional. 
  • Call an emergency plumber: This is the most obvious step. It is best to let Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage professionals deal with such problems as they are highly skilled. 


We hope that now you have an idea about what primary measures you should take to tackle any plumbing emergency. If you are from Adelaide, you can contact an emergency plumber from Plumbers Western Suburbs Adelaide.

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