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Kids and Teens

How to Teach Spelling to Kids

How to Teach Spelling to Kids

85% of a child’s brain forms during the first five years of life. Every crucial connection that our brains have was created before we even understood what that meant.

If you have a child and want to ensure they are learning as young as possible, teaching spelling to kids is one way to do this.

But do you know how to teach spelling to kids? If not, this article will cover everything you need to know about teaching kids how to spell!

Use Stair Steps for Word Memorization

One way to teach a child how to spell is by having them add each letter one at a time. To do this, you would start with the first letter in line one. Then, your child would move to line two and add one more letter.

This is how it would look:

  • S
  • St
  • Sta
  • Stai
  • Stair
  • Stairs

This way, your child can memorize the way that words are spelled and the order of the letters.

Use a Spelling Train

In this game, you can have children spell a specific word that you tell them to write. When they write that word, ask them to spell another word with the letter that ended the previous word.

If you told them to write ‘cup’, they could write ‘pea’ as their next word. This stretches their brain to think more than just spelling another word.

Create Patterns

Children love patterns! This means that grouping words together that create patterns makes it easier for them to learn.

Putting words that form similar patterns in a column can help children visualize what words have in common.

For instance, you may want to put words like this in a column:

  • Light
  • Tight
  • Right
  • Might

They are able to see patterns that will help them memorize the words.

Teach Sounds

Teaching children what letters create what sounds is a crucial part of teaching kids how to spell. This will allow them to hear a word and translate it onto paper.

You could start by going letter by letter, teaching them what various letters sound like. Make sure to teach them that sometimes letters make different sounds depending on the other letters they are with.

From there, you can up the challenge by putting a few letters together like “do” or “cup.”

To show them the difference between sounds, you could show them different couplings paired together that represent different sounds like “ant” and “apart.”

Use Online Resources

There is no point in recreating resources that are already out there on the Internet at your disposal.

Check out online spelling games or online resources for worksheets like

How to Teach Spelling to Kids Made Easier!

Having kids learn how to spell is important while they are young. As a parent, you should teach them spelling outside of school.

Now that you know how to teach spelling to kids, this should come much easier!

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