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How to Teach Your Kids Leadership Skills

Leadership is an essential trait that everyone needs to succeed in life. Whether you are leading people at work or school, you must understand what features effective leaders share in developing leadership skills to excel as a person. Help your kids achieve this goal by teaching them the different characteristics leaders should have and showing them what behaviors great leaders use each day. 

As a parent, you naturally want to teach your children the behaviors that will help them become successful in life. While there are many things you can do, one area worth your attention is allowing your kids to develop leadership skills.

1) Maintain an Open Dialogue with Your Children

The first step in helping your child learn leadership skills is communicating with them. Make sure your child understands how important it is for them to be a leader and share thoughts on what they think a good leader should be like. Discussing these ideas together can stimulate discussion between you and encourage open communication from both sides. These conversations shouldn’t only happen once. Spend time regularly with your kids discussing their thoughts on leadership and what they are doing to develop their skills in this area.

2) Guide Your Child’s Development into Leadership

Once you have an open discussion with your child, it is time to encourage them to start practicing how to lead others. One way you can do this is by setting goals for them related to leadership development. Rather than giving your child a long list of tasks they need to complete. Give them one manageable goal at a time so that there is less stress involved in achieving the mission after you help your child reach their first goal. Set another one that builds upon previous knowledge and offers new opportunities to grow as a leader.

Once you have set goals for your child regarding their leadership development, help them achieve these by breaking down the larger goal into small tasks. You can then assign each lesson to your child’s schedule with specific dates and times to complete the activity. It adds a helpful structure for your child while also giving them a sense of responsibility to make sure they follow through on what you’ve assigned them.

3) Give Your Child Opportunities to Complete Tasks under Leadership

Another way you can help your child learn how to lead people is by allowing them opportunities to practice their skills. Some examples include organizing birthday parties for younger siblings, leading practices at sports clubs, managing a team for school projects, and more. For this practice to be effective, you must give your children opportunities to reach their goals and training leadership skills.

4) Encourage Your Child to Get Involved in the Community

Once you know that your child has developed leadership skills, please encourage them to put these to good use by getting involved in the Community. There are many ways your child can help other people who are less fortunate than themselves through Volunteering. Start by always discussing current events with your children so they know what is happening around them and who might need extra help at certain times due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. Once they understand these different scenarios, it will be easier for them to decide how they want to help others during their free time.

5) Encourage Your Child to Be a Leader at School

Last but not least, help your child by encouraging them to seek leadership opportunities at school. If there are any student body positions they can apply for, such as class president or captain of the debate team, encourage them to go for it. It gives your kids an opportunity to practice their leadership skills and compete against other students in academic or athletic challenges that will allow them to grow and develop new strategies for leading future groups of people. 

6) Talk with Your Kids about the Importance of Being a Good Leader

Encourage your kids to be good leaders by first explaining why it is important. A great way to do this is by reading books together that discuss what it takes to be a good leader and how one should hold themselves accountable for their actions. Some recommendations for readers to read with your child include “The Story of Ruby Bridges” and “Leadership.”

It is also essential that you talk with your kids about what happens. When a leader makes poor decisions or acts inappropriately. Discuss why these actions are problematic and how they can be harmful to the people. Who looks up to them as role models. It will help your children understand what behavior. They should emulate those in leadership positions, especially someone they look up to as a hero or idol.

 7) Show Your Kids Good Examples of Leadership

Last but not least, lead by example as a parent. Be inspiration your kids by showing them how an excellent leader looks. Your actions towards those around you. If you give your children these examples of how to act, they will be able to follow in your footsteps without question and make the decision themselves on what type of leader they want to be when they grow up.

8) Assign your children tasks with responsibility

One way you can help your child learn how to lead people is by allowing them opportunities to practice their skills. Some examples include organizing an in-class project, assisting in the classroom. When it’s time to clean up or lead a game during recess, among others. By giving your children tasks that encourage leadership skills. They will be more inclined to take on these responsibilities within their peer groups.

9) Encourage Volunteering

Another way you can help your child learn how to be a good leader is by encouraging them to volunteer for opportunities to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. There are many ways your child can assist people going through tough times. Such as volunteering at a local homeless shelter or reading books at an elementary school once a week. Not only will this give your kids the chance to practice their skills as leaders. But it also teaches them about empathy and compassion for those in need.

 10) Appreciate Your Kids’ Accomplishments as a Leader

Leadership takes courage and confidence, two traits that your children will undoubtedly display throughout their lives whether they recognize it themselves or not. Encourage your kids to continue making good decisions by celebrating the times. When they do and identify the different ways that these accomplishments benefit those around them. You can do this by telling your children how proud you are of them for standing up for what they believe in and never giving up even when things get tough. Expressing your gratitude towards them helps to reinforce positive behavior. And boost self-esteem, so they know they have done something right.


By encouraging your children to be leaders, you are helping them develop the skills needed to take charge and motivate people. The earlier they start learning about these concepts, the more prepared they will be when it is time to lead a team or take charge of a situation that might seem too big for their small hands.

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