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How To Troubleshoot Norton Error 3035 6

Norton antivirus provides excellent protection from malware and internet threats to the user. Norton offers reliable services to its users. You need a product key for Norton to install the setup on your device. Once you install Norton antivirus, you can work on your device without any malware or online threat concerns. The robust service of Norton antivirus secures your device from all the threats. But still, many Norton users face many errors related to Norton antivirus. Most of the errors get resolved by restarting your device. But if you are unable to fix your errors then you can also ask the Norton team for troubleshooting your error. Norton error 3035, 6 mostly appears while scanning your device. But you can also get this error while shutting down your device.

Symptoms of Norton error 3035, 6:

  1. Scanning process interrupts and Norton error 3035,6 appears on the screen
  2. Your PC is running sluggishly
  3. Input devices (keyboard and mouse) are responding lately
  4. Error popup appears while running a program
  5. You are getting Norton error 3035, 6 in a particular program
  6. Norton error 3035, 6 appears while shutting down the Windows PC

Causes of Norton error 3035, 6:

  1. You have another antivirus installed on your device
  2. A third-party program is conflicting with Norton antivirus
  3. Windows registry files get corrupted
  4. You have deleted some Norton program files mistakenly
  5. Your device is running an outdated OS or device drivers

Troubleshooting Norton error 3035,6:

Remove another antivirus from your device

If you get Norton error while scanning your device then one of the most common reasons for this issue is multiple antivirus programs. While detecting any error on your device, multiple antivirus conflicts with each other. Remove another antivirus program from your device to resolve your error. Even if you have an older Norton setup, uninstall it. Go to the Windows start menu and search for Apps. Now check the list of installed programs on the PC. Click on the antivirus program you want to uninstall. You may get a permission prompt on the screen. Click on confirm button and follow the on-screen commands. Now restart your device and rescan your device. If you are still facing Norton error 3035 while scanning the PC then you should ask Norton technical team for help.

Remove the junk from your device

If you are getting the Norton error while running any program then you should immediately remove the temporary files from your PC. These files get created to hold the data temporarily while working. But once you do your job, these files become useless. Temporary files use your free disk space. Sometimes temporary files also create conflict with the program running in the background. Type %temp% on the Windows search bar and remove all the temporary files from your PC. Along with the temporary files, you should remove other junk from the PC. Make use of Windows cleanup tool for removing the junk:

  1. Close the programs
  2. Type command on the search bar
  3. Hold your shift and ctrl keys from the keyboard
  4. Press the Enter button
  5. You will get a permission prompt on the screen
  6. Click on Yes button

Windows command prompt will open on your screen. Type cleanmgr on the command screen and press the Enter button. You will see a list of items you can remove from the device. Remove all the unnecessary files and junk from the PC. Now restart the computer and check whether your error is fixed or not.

If you are unable to troubleshoot your Norton error 3048 3 then try reinstalling Norton antivirus. If you are facing this error due to lost program files then reinstalling the Norton antivirus will troubleshoot your issue.

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