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How to turn a tiny place amazingly into a grand storage???

How to turn a tiny place amazingly into a grand storage?

In recent times, we see a rapid increase in manufacturing industries and commercial zones. At the same time, there is a great problem of space management in their manufacturing units and warehouses. For large entrepreneurs who deal with the production of hundreds of products, need smart storage solutions for their warehouses. Small business owners and shopkeepers also have the urge to well organize and maintain their stock properly.  What can be more beneficial for all rather than getting unique ideas for the storage of more and more items in less space? Not only storage but also their nice display on business selling points matter. The only solution to increase space is the installation of racks at required places. There are various types of racks as per capacity and material. It is very important to select the best one as per the nature of the product, its size, and weight.

What we can do for you??

Understanding all the requirements of our clients, our team of experts suggests the best solution for storage. We guide the clients about the material of the racking system as well as its installation capability. Fabrication Advanced Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is the name of trust in the rack manufacturing industry and working for a lot of time in the field. We are providing the best racks in Gujranwala, Pakistan along with installation service. We know all the aspects of the configuration so that they could not cause any damage in the future. Whether it is a food industry, power plant, educational institute, or home, we deal with all the relevant racks, shelves, and cabinets.

Wall-mounted racks & kitchen cabinets

Wall-mounted racks are mostly made up of plastic material and used commonly for storage of household items. They are also used in shops and offices. They look beautiful as are available in the required colors. Kitchen cabinets give the overall look to your kitchen along with the storage of kitchen accessories. We provide customized cabinetry in the required material as per demand.

Pallet racking system

Pallet racking systems are larger racks used for storage in industrial warehouses. They are made with steel to strengthen the structure and coated with color to make it attractive. Drive-In pallet racking allows you to move between the racks to place and lift the product cartons. Push back pallet racks allow putting and lifting back the cartons from the same side. All the customizations are performed by professionals so that the quality is assured.

Mezzanine and Platform

If you are running out of the space at your place, go for a mezzanine setup. The mezzanine is the extra floor build to increase the space for a warehouse or in an office. It is open from one side. There are many benefits of configuring a mezzanine set up as it would double the working space. In offices, more workers can be adjusted and in warehouses, more cartons can be stacked.

Steel cash counters and shopping trolleys

Fabrication Advanced Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is producing top-quality steel cash counters and sopping trolleys for superstores. We have a lot of satisfied customers as we have served them fine steel trolleys which run smoothly on good quality wheels. Cash counters are necessary for every store today. We can customize the size of the counter and color coat as per demand.

Gondola racks

It is a shelving system that has a flat base and vertical shelves on both sides. It is widely deployed in utility stores, pet’s accessory shops, food shops, and many other convenience points. It is a free-standing unit and can be placed anywhere in the center of the store as it does not require wall support. A lot of products can be displayed nicely on gondola racks.

Increase your productivity with effective organization ideas

Applying innovative ideas to precede your business can increase the revenue for you in regard. Running a superstore with poor display and organization of products can lose the interest of customers. They will never prefer to come again. In the same way, in a messy poor space office employees take more time to find and work on relevant files. Whatever the place, the organization of items makes it more efficient to work and achieve the tasks.


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