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How to Upgrade to the Latest Framework with Dot Net Development Services

A smartphone has become a basic necessity for the general population. Most people cannot imagine their lives without their phones and that is because through it they have access to their contacts, work, family, entertainment, and all the information possible. Mobile apps are also undergoing new updates and releasing better versions every day. Each update includes security patches, bug fixes, and ambitious new features. If mobile users are quick to install the latest and best version of an app then developers should also be using upgraded frameworks to support their code. Dot net development services can now use the latest version of the .NET framework for their software and application projects.

The latest framework .NET has improved in a lot of ways and removed the bugs, security flaws, performance hitches that existed in the previous version. There are new features that make the development process a lot smoother. Developers can install the latest version of Visual Studio to begin using the latest .NET and .NET Core frameworks. Although they will need to make some changes to the way they code to make sure the latest project supports the new additions.

In this article, we have outlined the changes you need to make to upgrade to the latest dot net development framework version. This will help keep their applications running as expected even after implementing changes.

Update the Target Framework

The projects will need to be updated to the new framework in almost all projects. However, there might be some instances where the project is not very easy to upgrade because it might refer to packages that do not have support from the latest dot net development services. To update the target framework for all the projects, the developers have to change the properties of all of them manually. The target framework can be easily changed to the latest version using the “Application” tab. Once that is done they have to select “Yes” when prompted to confirm the changes.

Retarget the Packages

Only changing the target framework as described in the previous step is not enough. The developers have to update the target framework of the reference packages for every corresponding project. This requires the dot net web development company to access the Package Manager Console and reinstall the package manager. This will update the package for every project without making any changes to the version of the referenced package for the .NET framework selected for the project.

Sometimes the command will not work as expected and has to be performed manually. This can be achieved using the same command but referencing the project name individually.

Fix Build Errors

Once the target framework for the project and referenced packages have been updated, the developers can start building their software and test run it to make sure it is working as it should. There should not be any errors in writing and running the code. There are possible build errors that can manifest at this stage. One of them is that a specific package has two versions installed because the current version is not compatible with the latest .NET development framework. It installs the newer version instead but there is an easy fix to this problem. The reference to the older version can be removed from web and app configuration files.

There could also be an error related to a missing package where the system fails to find the referenced file. It could be because that specific package is discontinued and installing the one that replaced it can solve the problem. Dot net development services are meant to solve the errors associated with packages and most of them have easy fixes. Once they have confirmed that everything is working according to code, they can move on to the next step.

Install the .NET Framework on the Server

The latest version of Visual Studio is already equipped with the upgraded .NET Framework so it is safe to say the application will be running on your system. However, this does not mean it will also run smoothly on the production machine. Before deploying the latest version of your solution to any machine, it is important to make sure that the system has the latest framework installed too.

Dot net development requires the appropriate framework on both development and production machines. Microsoft recommends that developers make sure the latest version is installed. If the server hosts an older version then you might have t install the latest one before you can continue to the next step.

Edit Pipelines

Manually deploying the latest version of an application to the appropriate environment whether it is for testing or production can take time. Some dot net development services use the Azure Dev Ops pipeline to automate these processes which can also take several minutes. The developers can continue to create a backup of the database or see to other tasks in the meanwhile. The defined pipelines use a specific agent pool which can fail while building the solution.

To solve this issue, Microsoft has introduced a new hosted pool of Azure pipelines that can replace the previous versions and provide additional ones. This new agent pool helps the application run smoothly on Windows. Once all edits are made to the pipeline then it is time to wait for them to run successfully so the application can be verified. Making sure the application is compatible with the target environment by keeping an eye on the logs is also necessary at this stage.

Promote a Business Mindset

Nothing is more satisfying to share your ideas with someone who can critique the work and give relevant feedback. A variety of visual collaboration methods allow parties to share their thoughts. It’s much easier to share expertise and allows users to be involves in ongoing improvement strategies. A variety of great strategies assist in getting domain experts up-to-date and provide engineers the opportunity to collaborate together to design efficient workflows.

There’s an abundance of effective collaboration tools that allow dot net companies that are developing to increase their knowledge of the domain. Every team should have the right technology to see their work and participate in this project even from a distant place. The project management software can aid a company to collaborate, organize and view anyplace around the globe.

Executives must give employees a reward for taking the initiative to think about the requirements. There are a lot of examples of case studies that are available regarding software architecture, and the relevant ones are available to share with the entire development firm. The focus should be on instances of excellent development practices. They should also strive to implement them in their daily routines. There are numerous advantages to early adoption. Also, individuals find it easier to be open to innovative ideas when they can see the advantages in the real world.


Updating the project solution to the latest version of any framework can be a time-consuming process. However, it reduces costs and saves time in the long run. The dot net web development company can implement the framework updates with security patches and remove any vulnerabilities in the system. These existing holes are an open target for hackers and viruses which is why they need to be remove. The latest framework version also introduces new features, fixes bugs, and makes the application run smoother than ever before.

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