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How to Upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family Plan

The YouTube Premium Family plan costs $6 more than the standard one-user subscription, but the family plan is useful for 6 family members. So, if a family member or even a friend of yours wants to get YouTube Premium, choosing a family plan is easy. Not only that, you get a completely ad-free experience on YouTube, background playback, YouTube Music, and a Google Play Music subscription as well.

To clarify, getting a standard YouTube Premium subscription costs $12/mo, and getting a family plan will only cost you $18/mo for up to 6 users . Having said that, here’s how you can upgrade to a family plan and add or remove people.

Upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family Plan

As of writing this article, you get a one-month free trial file if you upgrade from a non-Premium account (you won’t get a free trial if you’re already running a standard YouTube subscription). However, you have to pay for one month to start your Family plan subscription and only then will you get one month free. To upgrade, go to the YouTube Premium Family account page and click Youtube Premium Apk.

How to Upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family Plan

This will open a pop-up asking you to complete the payment. Make payments using a card, GPay, or other available payment methods.

How to Upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family Plan

This will show you a slide of all the features you will get with a Family Plan subscription. Click Continue and finally “ Got it ”. Your subscription is now active. The main conclusion is that YouTube only charges on a pro-rated basis. If you upgrade from a standard YouTube Premium subscription to a family plan in the last week of your billing cycle, you will only be billed for the week and not a whole month.

Adding Family Members

Technically, the Family Plan is intended for family members, but you can still add your friends, colleagues or even your other accounts if they are over 13 years old. At this time, you can’t add your G Suite account to the Family Plan.

To add a family member, open YouTube in a web browser, click your profile icon at the top right and select Paid Membership .

You know you don't have to pay $12/mo for a YouTube subscription every month. You can share subscriptions with your family.

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Click Manage membership to open the drop-down menu and start the process of adding people to the plan.

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Click on the Edit button next to Family sharing settings. Now, you can simply click + and add the email addresses of the people you want to add to your plan. This will send emails to the people you have added.

How to Upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family Plan

They will receive an email as shown below with the Accept Invitation button. All they need to do is press this button in the body of the email to link their YouTube account to your Family plan.

How to Upgrade to the YouTube Premium Family Plan

They must receive this before 14 days or the link will expire. You can even cancel the invitation at any time within this 14 day period.

Once their process is complete, you will get an email saying that the user has been added. You can still delete it at any time.

You know you don't have to pay $12/mo for a YouTube subscription every month. You can share subscriptions with your family.

Removing Members from Your Plan

All member management will always be in your hands because you have purchased and invited people to your account. To delete, you can follow similar steps by going to YouTube > Profile > Paid Membership > Manage Membership > Edit family sharing settings > and click on the profile you want to delete and click delete account .

Another advantage that comes with the family plan

In addition to the ad-free YouTube premium experience, you have several other advantages with the family plan. All your family members can share calendars. So if anyone adds any event to the family calendar, everyone will be notified about the event. Best for setting up a family program or you can even use this feature with your friends. Family members can also create notes in Keep Notes that are visible to everyone in your family. You can access it by clicking the collaborate option on the note and adding the family option. What do you think? Will you share the YouTube premium Family plan with your friends? Let me know in the comments below.

Youtube premium is a paid Youtube service and provides various interesting advantages that give it the status of a special premium service for those of you who are registered as premium users. This service has long existed in the form of Youtube Red, which was later renamed Youtube premium. There are various ways to get Youtube Premium. You no longer need to download new applications or software to enjoy this premium service.

There are several advantages that you can feel, ranging from:

  • Ad-free videos
  • Background play
  • Offline Access
  • Exclusive Content

You can feel these things when you become a premium user. By becoming a premium user you can also get access to Youtube Music premium. So you no longer need to buy premium access for your Youtube Music.

You can subscribe to Youtube Premium by paying the following fees:

  • Individual Package IDR 59,000
  • Student Package IDR 35,000
  • Family Package IDR 89,000

There are several ways you can do to be able to subscribe to YouTube premium, here are some ways you can do it:

Subscribe Via Computer

For those of you who want to register for a premium subscription via a computer, the first thing you can do is go to the page.

Next, you can click the TRY IT FREE button, then log in to the service with the account you want to register.

After that, click the TRY IT FREE button again, enter your credit or debit card number, according to the payment method you want. You can also choose an option that will deduct your credit as a form of payment. When you have finished filling in the fields, you can press the BUY button.

Subscribe Via Mobile App Melalui

If you want to subscribe to YouTube premium via the mobile application, you must first have the application. If so, then all you have to do is select your profile photo in the top right corner of your app page, then select the Get YouTube Premium option.

Then tap the TRY IT FOR FREE button, then select the payment method you will use, starting from the credit, debit, or via credit from your app store or play store. After selecting the method and filling in the required information, then press the BUY button.

To save even more, you can choose a family or student package by tapping the family or student plan option under the TRY IT FREE option on the YouTube Premium page.

You can cancel this by visiting the Paid Membership page. This will revert your account back to the normal free version. You can also re-subscribe at any time.

After following the various steps above, you can already enjoy all the advantages provided by Youtube.

The release of Youtube Premium is the answer for Youtube to be able to compete in the midst of the proliferation of other video streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime which have begun to provide a variety of exclusive content, especially for their subscribers.

Youtube tries to compete by providing a variety of exclusive content and collaborating with well-known YouTubers to fill this premium Youtube content.

So how? Do you want to try to subscribe to this service after knowing how to get Youtube Premium? If you have questions or different opinions, please share them in the comments column, and don’t forget to share this article.

Article copyright: Eudaimedia

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