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How to utilize Marketing Automation to generate more leads for your business in 2022

Marketing automation isn’t a new thing but it’s now a huge marketing tactic that should be integrated with business in 2022. Here’s how to use it to generate leads for the business.  

What is Marketing Automation?

To simply put marketing automation is nothing but utilizing software for automating marketing. So generally automation marketing is similar to a bunch of tools that help marketers with marketing. Marketing automation doesn’t just make marketing simple but also scales conversions, lead generation, email marketing, and more

Marketing automation turning into a standalone field. Research indicated that Marketing Automation can be an industry of $7.63 billion by the end of 2025. 

Why Do Companies Use Marketing Automation?

To make marketing easier and save lots of time. However, you still need a marketer to implement and strategize the software. Marketing automation is an extraordinary way to nurture and guide leads throughout the sales funnel. All you need to do is just define the process, automation software follows your word and interacts with every customer’s touch point that grows and develops consumer relationships. It also helps with landing pages, email marketing, cross-selling, social media marketing segmentation, ROIS, and more

Importance of Marketing Automation in Lead Generation

The main goal of many marketing campaigns is to generate leads. As these leads turn to more opportunities and then more customers. Right from collecting contact information to planning marketing campaigns, lead generation plays an important role. However, it’s a time-consuming process but the effort you make leads to something fruitful. It’s 2022,  and we thank technology every day for making our life simpler even for lead generation too. 

Yes, generating good leads doesn’t have to be made with intensive human efforts. It can be automated and that’s where marketing automation made its presence in the lead generation process. Let’s see how marketing automation helps to generate more leads

How does Marketing Automation Work?

It is 2022 and the world is getting digitized. Still, you can find activities that are done manually. However, due to their mechanical nature, you can carry the work automatically too. Without missing effectiveness, and boosting the sales process. The main goals of Marketing Automation are to offer a personalized experience for the consumers and website visitors and to save time on repetitive & bulk tasks.

To automate marketing actions, strategic action is much needed every time a specific condition appears. This is called a workflow trigger. The marketing Automation tool manages these activities and can save significant time for business. So, people can dedicate themselves to more strategic activities that ensure great accuracy in the marketing strategies. 

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best example in the world of marketing automation. It’s the most essential process to automate that is also simple to implement. For instance, sending emails to newsletter subscribers daily is time-consuming. If you automate it you can simply schedule emails to send them in advance at a certain time. 

Automate the business processes by setting autoresponders for leads and new customers. That lets businesses send automated messages to the ones who signed for the mailing list. Another best way to nurture leads is follow-up emails. Here’s how marketing automation in Emails helps to get you a lead. 

  • A visitor submits their details for a free download or log-in. 
  • Then, an automatic thank you message is sent from your brand
  • Later,  you send an email with an offer similar to the subject. If the customers took it, a notification could be  sent to the sales team to follow

It is more of a streamlined process made to convert leads to the consumers. It works as you are personalizing emails and then sending data similar to certain leads’ prior actions. 

2. Segment Your Lists

Not every one of your consumers is interested in a similar thing. It can be a waste of time and effort to send unwanted emails to your customers.  For instance, you can’t send an email invitation to a person who lives in another state from the event.  Separate customer base to strategic wise that gathers good information about customers. It even boosts retention by serving their certain needs. You can segment them by geographical side, demographic, engagement levels, and past buying behaviors. 

With marketing automation your segmentation becomes easy. Tools such as MailChimp provides many segmentation options. Hire Shopify agency that can perform A/B testing to find the audience.  Subscribers could pick groups after they sign up for the newsletter that can be segmented by groups. You could use hidden groups and then segment using internal data. Segment customers by date. Welcome new customers with a welcome email, and send special offers to the most engaged and loyal subscribers.

3. Provide Content that attracts 

For lead generations, making quality content is much needed.  “Less is more” sounds good but it is not good for large marketing campaigns. Marketing automation lessens redundancies and rebuilds them with helpful solutions. A commitment toward quality content to various segments ensures the efforts have the best impact.

Integrate dynamic content into the automated system. That accesses a specific degree of personalization in the marketing material which needs several hours of systematic work. Content that alters the user’s interests, location, and industry can yield good results.

Use content to identify subscribers who are interested and not much interested in your products.  Offer a second helping of content to separate warm leads from the leads who can turn into customers. After subscribing to download more content, utilize an automation workflow to shift them to a new list. Just a simple yes/no automation content can make you find them.

4. Personalize Customer Experience

Customization is one of the main factors for any consumer-related business. Personalization should be the center of the consumer experience. Customers like to engage positively with a business that is understanding regarding their preferences, interests, and needs. Regardless of how desirable it’s in customer marketing, it can be tough to execute.

 That’s where marketing automation enables you to serve a consumer experience. Managing and collecting information at scale automatically develops the best experiences for your consumers. That makes it simple for you to keep the customers satisfied and happy

5. Improve Social Media Presence

Social media doesn’t need any introduction,  being an effective marketing channel, you should invest good time to get results.  Use marketing automation to simplify daily tasks and get excellent results for the efforts you put in. 

 For example, scheduling posts before the advance on every social media channel is not a joke. Use marketing automation to get native scheduling capabilities in their interface. This automation even helps with tracking key metrics such as follower growth.  With different links for every content, you build,  track where the leads come from and their interaction. Despite stalking and brainstorming what your customer’s needs and likes are, marketing automation can don’t for you. You can save tons of time.

6. Follow-Ups 

Retaining consumers is the main aspect to grow a sustainable brand. Your leads might come to your website but you can leave after buying. Even if they bought something they might forget about your brand.  What makes them come back is excellent service. Are you following your customers after the purchase?

 If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to generate leads. You can do this with marketing automation. Firstly, set up campaigns that engage with the customers who purchased your products or services. These post-purchase follow-ups let brands send cucustomizedessages at the right time. That develops stronger relationships and also revenue. 

7. Reminders for “Abandoned Cart” 

Cart abandonment is the worst enemy for any e-commerce store. As per the reports, more than 74% of carts are abandoned. But with time reminders can be saved. Studies proved that  44% of the cart abandonment emails opened and have a 28% CTR.

As timing is a very important factor, the messages should be sent as soon as possible. Remind them about the product waiting in the cart. Then address any problems they had in the check-out process. 

Wait for a day and tell them about the expiry of the cart.  Now, use the biggest trigger point which is a discount coupon code. Send the Emails with images and CTAs of the product. 

8. Remarketing Ads 

Have you found ads from the brands or businesses that you visited recently on Google or anywhere else you browse. These are nothing but remarketing ads. Remarketing is the best method to track website visitors so you could target them with ads later. These are so powerful as you are targeting people who know your products or brand.

These people are interested in visiting your website so you have valuable leads already. Display these ads on social media, Google AdWords, or even on Facebook or LinkedIn. How to use marketing automation for remarketing ads.  Similarly,  to the cart abandoned you don’t need to send too many ads. Just set up a list of ads to display at specific times depending on the page every prospect has already visited.  

For instance, if a certain visitor visits the pricing page, display the targeted product as. After a few days include a special discount over some time. As you are changing they add frequency and content people can be attained towards them.


Marketing automation makes life easier and delivers big results and saves big time. However, it needs little work, hire a Shopify agency that can get you started with all the requirements at a reasonable price. Contact our Shopify experts today and start marketing automation today. 

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