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How to Visit Iceland on a Budget

How to Visit Iceland on a Budget ? Past few years, Iceland has become one of the major tourist destinations in the world. The land of sheep, postcard-worthy waterfalls, northern lights, hiking chain, and insanely special place.

Iceland is back to back ranked as one of the pocket-friendly countries. Traveling to Iceland can be done without getting out of your budget. Planning will undoubtedly take a few days of planning to enjoy without any hassle, but it’s worth the energy and not impossible.

How much does a trip to Iceland cost? Well! On the lowest end, travelers could get a deal around $60-$75 USD per day, including all the travel expenses from local transportation to food and hostel, Airbnb, or maybe camping, free food tours, and maybe cut down a bit on drinking. 

But suppose you are not who can go on a drastic budgeting cut. In that case, a mid-range budget is always a better option, with occasionally eating is not such high-end eateries, occasional beer pubs visits, maybe rent a car someday, or could involve a few paid activities. Can achieve this all at a budget of $100 per day.

One can start the budgeting from getting the best flight deal and look for low fare flights to Iceland in advance so that whenever the best deal strike can book the very same moment. 

Way to save money in Iceland

From eating on a budget to getting alcohol from duty-free, travelers can cut the budget in many ways. Nevertheless, Iceland has so much natural beauty to offer free that it all becomes worth the efforts. A land of countless Hiking spots, waterfalls, hot springs, and mountain range to enjoy.

Guide to saving money in Iceland 

Here are some fantastic ideas travelers can take care of while planning for a budget trip to Iceland.

  • Camping

You can find places for camping all over Iceland easily. Iceland has campgrounds for $15-20 per night with basic amenities. However, some hostel properties even allow travelers to pitch their space for tents, in which one can get better facilities. Moreover, camping is comparatively cheaper than hostels. If you are carrying your sleeping bag and tents, then you can camp anywhere without any hassle. However, you can rent the same in Reykjavik if you don’t have one, but this may cost a bit too much. 

  • Cook your meals

Food in Iceland is to be the most expensive. Eating at a cheap restaurant may cost around $15 or even more. It’s best to cut down on the food budget because that’s going to make a massive difference in the whole trip’s budget. The best advice, carry the necessary things to eat and cook, like packed food, ready to eat noodles, or easy to cook recipes. It will make a huge difference in the entire budget. Make sure to get a discount on your groceries. Every bit is essential!

  • Cut down on Alcohol

Amid high taxes, drinking in Iceland can go out of the budget. If you do not want to blow your account, avoid hitting the bar. It’s hard to prevent Reyjavik’s nightlife, but if you don’t want to miss it, try to hit the bars around happy hours. You are indeed on a budget trip, but in the end, it’s still a trip and came to enjoy. However, it’s always best to take your stock at the airport’s duty-free and carry it along. It will save a lot.

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  • Travel in groups

Please plan your travel in groups; it is the easiest to cut costs while having the best time to travel with a group. The cost of a hostel, camp, transportation, and food can all split up. Traveling in groups will make your trip, even being a solo traveler, a budget-friendly, engaging experience. Iceland is a beautiful country, and don’t let the budget stop you from visiting it. Get the best flight deal at Air Canada Reservations

  • Grub on Hotdogs

In case you have to eat out, hot dogs are best to eat around at a low price. Icelanders have a weird fascination with hot dogs, so finding a hot dog cart around the places is not a task. A hot dog will cost you $4, which is the cheapest around the country though it’s not the healthiest but surely can help you cut on the budget. And hot dogs do taste very good!

  • Walk your way

Take free walking tours. It’s a great way to know any place while you are strolling the sites and getting to know the culture and history. Try to avoid taxis or transport as much as you can. Walk your way to places nearby. Book yourself on a free walking tour in the city for fun and get to know the places from close. 

  • Free Hot Springs

Though Blue Lagoon is the most popular Hot spring in Iceland, many others around the country are for free. Fortunately, Iceland is a place with great hot springs; you can visit those for free. Reykjadalur, Seljavallalaug, is a few free hot springs and can be one of the places for you to see on your list.

A trip to Iceland doesn’t need to be expensive. However, it’s never going to be that cheap to visit, but you don’t have to go in a money crunch either. A few adjustments and flexibility with your food and stay can lead to a budget trip with a new experience with lots of fun activities. Looking for best deals? JetBlue Booking give you some of the travel deals with the best traveling experience.


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