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How to Wrap Round Gift?

There are some people who feel that picking gifts is easy but wrapping them is the real challenging part. This holds good especially if the gift happens to be a circular item or a cylindrical one. Most of us can manage to wrap a box or a rectangular item neatly, if not up to the professional gift-wrapping standards. But wrapping a round gift – now that is where the real gift-wrapping talent lies. What if we told you that it is easy to learn how to wrap a round gift? 

How to Wrap Round Gift?


Start with the right kind of wrapping paper

There are many ways in which you can wrap a round object. One of the most popular ways is to wrap with neat pleats. This particularly works if the item is cylindrical with flat circular sides on the top and bottom. In such cases, a stiff paper that creases easily would be the right kind of wrapping paper to work with. You can also use newspapers, old music sheets, brown paper or kraft paper, and other similar wrapping paper alternatives in this case. 

Another easy way to wrap a round gift would be to wrap it like a candy. This would have pleats or ruffles on one or both sides. This would be when it is better to use a foil wrapping paper or metallic wrapping paper. 

Cut out the right size 

When the wrapping paper is too big, you might get uneven pleats or folds. You can always trim excess but if there is too much extra, gathering the paper elegantly would be challenging. The wrap might look crumpled. At the same time, if the paper cut out for wrapping happens to be much smaller than the requirement, you might not attain good coverage. This is why you should measure out the right size of paper and cut it out neatly before you start wrapping. 

  • To begin with, measure the height of the gift and the diameter if it is a cylindrical gift. In the case of cylindrical gifts, the width of the wrapping paper cut out should be more than the height of the gift. There should be at least an inch extra on each side. The length should be slightly more than the circumference so that you can get a small overlap for securely adhering to the sides. 
  • If it is a spherical gift, the easy way to measure and cut the paper would be to place the gift and gather the paper roughly to see if there is enough to cover it on all sides. Based on how you plan to create the ruffles (on one side or both) you can leave a little excess once the entire gift is covered.

Begin wrapping!

To wrap with pleats on both sides –

Place the cylindrical gift on its side and roll the paper till you securely place the overlap on the curved side. Now start with one side and gather small pleats and fold them towards the center of the gift. Repeat this process till you finish the whole circle. Do the same kind of pleats on the other side of the cylinder. You should now have flat sides on the top and bottom. Use a circular piece of wrapping paper to give a neat finish to these sides. You can also place a bow on the top to accent the look of your wrapped gift. 

To wrap like a candy-

This method is very popular because of how simple it is. Once you learn how to wrap gifts like a candy you will never go back to other wrapping styles. Try creating ruffles on both sides if it is a cylindrical gift that can lie on its side or a spherical gift. If you want the gift to be placed upright, you should create ruffles only on one side. Place the gift to be wrapped at the center of the cut-out wrapping paper piece. Gather neat ruffles on one or both sides as preferred. Use a small twine the same color as the wrapping paper to hold the gathered ruffles in place. You can also use clear tape if required. Finally, tie a decorative ribbon at the base of the ruffles to conceal the tape or string. This will give a pretty touch to the wrap. 

What gifts are the most difficult to wrap?

  • If the gift happens to be something fragile, you should consider using bubble wrap or thin foam wrapping sheets to first add a layer to shield impact. Then you can use the above wrapping methods. 
  • Spherical gifts like balls might be difficult to wrap with traditional wrapping styles. You might find it difficult to obtain creases on the paper for a smooth finish without damaging the paper. This is where the candy wrapper style of wrapping with foil paper comes in handy. 
  • Snow globe, bowls, plants packed in cylindrical wrapping tubes are among the other items that are difficult to wrap in the conventional methods. These are some of the cases where people might look for innovative ways to wrap the gift. You can use the above methods to wrap all these items effortlessly. Finally, if nothing else works you can also pop the item into a rectangular carton and wrap it like you wrap any normal present. But the beauty of the circular gift would be preserved if you wrap it in one of the above-mentioned styles. Once you get a hang of it, you will also be able to use these tricks to explore creative ways to present small gifts like packing them inside a cardboard tube, for example. 

Once you know how to wrap a round gift you will be able to tackle any oddly shaped gift easily. With these simple tips presented above, you will be able to handle all your last-minute gift wrapping tasks like a pro.

Let us know in comments below if you found this tutorial useful. We love to hear our reader’s feedback.

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