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How To Write An Incredible Character Analysis As A Beginner

Writer a character analysis means writing a report on any character from a novel or publication. The main aim is to get a better idea of the character about which a student is writing. The use of a grammar checker and other tools to make the paper error-free is highly practiced. But the main issue is to write a report which describes the character briefly. Let’s look at the five tips to write a thorough character report.

  • Choose a good character.

Often teachers assign the students with a character, or they have the liberty to choose it themselves. If given a choice to choose a character by themselves, then it is significant to select a character who offers a lot of matter to write about. A good character is not only a hero or villain. It can be another character’s too who had put outstanding contribution to the play.

  • Draft an outline

For any writing, it is essential to have a draft in your mind. this marks the steady flow of engaging content. Writingcontent without proper planning can lead to weak execution. It may cause conflict in understanding the character and lead to a messy report.

  • Write the content

The next step is to write the content. This includes giving an introduction to the main character. Writing his traits and personality. How was their nature? Were they bold or shy? Were they outspoken and played their part well? These are some of the questions which should be answered here.

  • Insert strong thesis statement

This may seem similar to the previous tip. But there is a slight difference. Having a solid thesis statement in mind even before starting the work is essential. This thesis statement should be in support of the character so that readers know about them in-depth. A well-written thesis statement should be a firm jest about nature.

  • Bid farewell to the character

The last step is to give a proper goodbye to the character. This should be done by summarizing nature. By the end, the readers should have a good idea about the character. It should feel like now they have a better understanding of the character, which should favour your work. Writing a final note on few changes which could have been brought to make the play more attractive should be suggested.


As a beginner writing a complete character analysis can be overwhelming. From choosing the character to collecting information to write about, it can be challenging. With the help of the above five steps, it becomes straightforward to break the report into sections and develop a presentable report in the end.


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