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How valuable is your Pokemon card now

Pokemon cards, ex, rare and plush toys

Is it the 90s again? Enjoying a mini-revival of the success of Pokemon Go, the new Pokemon card game of the 190s

A game that allows players to capture, trade, and fight virtual Pokemon figures that can be found in the real world. Yes, the real world. Remember?

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. The game was released on July 6 and had more than 50,000 downloads in the first 24 hours of being live. This mobile game has already added about $ 11 billion USD to the market value of Nintendo. You think your original Pokemon cards might be a bit worthwhile right now.

Whether you bought booster pack after booster pack to make the best deck for battle or fill a binder with the original 151, we all knew one thing: these pokemon cards for sale are going to be valuable one day.


If you own a card with the first version of Shadowless Alchemist, you’re looking at 200. However, some cards from other versions are not worthless.


Charizard, Charmander, Charmeleon … This Flame Pokemon was the game mascot for the Red and Fire Red versions of the game.

If you have an original holographic card, it could probably be worth a lot of money. Do you think so? It is selling at 2,600.


Jigglypuff cards from the first version may not be worth much, maybe a few bucks. Wigglytuff, which is an evolved version of Jigglypuff, is not very valuable. Holographic 1st edition cards range from 5 to $ 18.


Crabby is a river crab that can evolve into a killer, a pincer. Usually, the first version of this card sells for a few bucks


Search for small symbols on your cards. A symbol for viewing is a gold foil “W” stamp. These cards were reprinted, but only a limited number were made. Reprints are usually not worth anything, but your cards can still be valuable.


A holographic card from the base set can fetch only $ 5, however, a first edition 1999 holographic card can cost around 135.

Venus our

If you own a holographic Venus card, it can be worth up to 15

Would you like to find some X-Rare Pokemon Cards for you and your kids? 

How do I buy a rare Japanese Pokemon card? How much are they worth?

 Old and very rare things will cost you thousands of dollars, but only if you can find them. As the collection of Japanese pokemon cards for sale has been popular for over 10 years, the number of cards is in the thousands. Some simple cards are quite easy to hold because many websites sell cards. But, what about rare Pokemon cards? Some of these cards are like buying gold blocks. How about a collection of 100 cards?

Most cards have symbols that indicate how rare they are

In the majority, for example, there is a small black symbol of a star, diamond, or circle. The star is rare and the circle is the most common. Older Japanese sets also have cards with the same symbol but are more difficult to find because of their white color and age. Three-star refers to an ultra-rare card that is usually randomly sorted into booster packs. There are also promotional cards or promo cards that are often called. These cards are not sold in stores and are released for special occasions such as movie releases, magazines, events and tournaments, etc.

Over 30 different Japanese Pokemon sets release over the years.  It had a lot of real Pokemon and original power cards.

Most transactions do in closed rooms, so no one knows the highest price for a Pokemon card to be sold. The highest-priced card I can think of is the Japanese Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator card. It sold for 22,000 on eBay several years ago.

 The better the situation, the more money will come. If you grade your cards professionally, it will further enhance the quality, although grading the cards is rather expensive. The other factor is how many cards were made, what kind of card (tournament, promo card, etc.), and of course, the most important thing is how much someone is actually willing to buy it.

Pokemon Cards – Why You Should Play Online!

Playing pokemon cards for sale with your friends is always a fun time (at least in my experience), but have you ever noticed that the competition gets a bit stale? You and your friends both know which deck you each use and how to beat each other. So what is normal work? Visit the local Pokemon League to find more competition.

In your local league, you will discuss new Pokemon enthusiasts and play the game. However, I have noticed that depending on your area, the level of skill in your local league will vary greatly. There will be some decent players, but often enough it will be difficult to improve your skills, or even enjoy yourself while playing against medium players.

What’s the next step? Play Pokemon cards online.

Playing Pokemon TCG on the internet is just awesome. Anyone who wants to improve the game has to go to the web. 

The biggest asset of being able to play online is that you can play against anyone in the world. You will be able to compete with the best and brightest in the game. You can play against these elite Pokemon card players, but your skill level will improve rapidly.

It is said that the best way to learn something is to learn from someone who already has the skills. Pokemon card games are no exception to this rule. Playing Pokemon online gives you endless opportunities to play against people better than you. If not for the internet you will have no way to play against these masters.

Older Japanese sets also have cards with the same symbol but are more difficult to find because of their white color and age. Three-star refers to an ultra-rare card that is usually randomly sorted into booster packs. There are also promotional cards or promo cards that are often called.

Playing Pokemon cards online is also great because you don’t actually own any cards. It’s free to download the necessary software and build and test as many decks as you want. Before investing in creating an actual deck for a tournament you give the opportunity to practice with a new technique.

All in all, playing Pokemon cards online to get to know other Pokemon fans, to progress as a player, and best of all … it’s free!

To play online Pokemon trading card games and download the software needed to join the online Pokemon TCG League, go to Pokemon Card Online

Pokemon cards teach kids life

While collecting Pokemon cards may seem like a childish and overly hobby, the actual game is one of them that can be an incredible help in teaching children important life skills. It takes discipline and perseverance to learn and master how to play Pokemon cards and naturally Pokemon trading card games are a social endeavor.

How does Pokemon Card teach children to become proficient in these features? Please let me explain:

It takes a good deal of determination to go through the rulebook and teach yourself how to play the game. The game is fairly simple but is fairly complex. A child really needs to focus on his strengths to know something. It can be frustrating at times, but if they have their eye on the prize, any kid can do it.

Just learning to play Pokemon cards is a memorable achievement for any child

It shows them that they can teach themselves something if they just keep their minds on it. I personally know for myself that playing Pokemon TCG has helped me prove to myself that I can do whatever I want; It’s just a matter of determination.

As I mentioned earlier, Pokemon TCG is a bit easier to learn but almost impossible to master. It takes a lot of perseverance to do well in the game.

Finally, the Pokemon card game is naturally social. In the game, two players have to play and work against each other. The game teaches children collaboration and teamwork, which are essential skills that any child should learn at an early age.

What’s more, the hidden rear of vivid voltage is exceptional. Just outside of Fat Pikachu, a full-fledged art Alcazam (first in four years!) As well as a favorite of fans like Gallerian Sirfachad, Leon and Pokemon Center Lady. The two gold cards, the Gallerian Obstagun and the Oranguru are actually the shiny versions of this Pokemon, a nice little tease to return to the shiny vault in the February mini-set.

 A vivid voltage booster box is my favorite Sw & Sh extension because there is so much variation here. Each pack I open gives me the opportunity to pull off rainbow VMX Pikachu, beautiful new Amazing Rays, and tons of legends and legendary Pokemon like Geraniums, Lugia, and Yakuza. Vivid Voltage has fun and exciting stuff in almost every pack, demonstrating a great new direction for the sword and El generation.

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