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How Your Custom Rigid boxes Visual Influence Customers?

In the era of 10-second marketing, consumers aren’t too fond of reading messages on your custom rigid packaging boxes, reveals the packaging experts at The Legacy Printing. Since a wide majority of people are now more accustomed to clicking those attractive icons when following directions or exploring new concepts, one can clearly say that we all have become visual creatures. And now that we live in a more non-verbal world, it’s important to know that color has become an integral part of that communication link.

How Custom Rigid Packaging Design Influence Point of Purchase Decisions?

The study has found that between 78 to 85 percent of purchase decisions are made right at the purchase point.

Opting for the most enticing hues, shape, size, typography effects, and best-in-class finishing techniques are among the most prominent decisions you have to make for your custom rigid boxes. When you do it logically and appropriately, your product boxes help you:

  • Cut through the clutter.
  • Instantly grab customer’s attention that triggers a purchase.
  • Connect with customers using sensory cues.
  • Improves other design elements, such as graphics, shape, feel, and finesse.

With more options to choose from than the consumers have ever imagined, it is imperative to have custom rigid boxes that meet the demands of buyers who can quickly scan a huge range of retail products and make purchase decisions in seconds. With consumers shopping both in-person and online, giving much thought should assess various colors, shapes, textures, and other elements like metallic and bespoke finishes, foil stamping, or embossing.

That said, one should not forget to address the concerns pertaining to shipping, packaging, and product safety.

Present Your Brand Message

The packaging shape, illustrations, color scheme, and other features such as windows, metallic touchups, and ease of opening are widely acknowledged as elements that help trigger an emotional response.

Issues like finishes, textures, and color selection should be based on market research, so you can acquaint yourself with the likes and dislikes of your target customers and present your brand message in the best light. You can also do that by showcasing the concept of fun, frill, beauty, vigor, wellness, or other response.

Packaging Development

When choosing a custom rigid packaging design and textural elements to launch a new product, an in-depth evaluation of the target market is inevitable. Below are the factors you need to determine:

  • Gender
  • Age bracket
  • Financial position
  • Educational status
  • Cultural inclination


Phycology of Color

With color phycology, you can naturally draw your ideal market segment’s attention towards your product range. We have often seen that when shoppers have little to no prior knowledge of a brand, hues, shape, and packaging design often proved to be the single source of information for them to gauge the product, so use colors smartly.

Texture and Finish 

Considering all the elements that evoke customer interest plays a crucial role in making a custom rigid packaging boxes design successful. With the help of textural elements and finishes, brands can further pique consumers’ interest and influence them to have a closer look. Using bespoke textures and finishes, you can quickly get this kind of response as these elements will make your product more engaging.

Structural Design Pattern

Our structural design experts at The Legacy Printing ensure they bring your imagination to life, whether you are looking to create bespoke rigid packaging for a novel product or extending your existing product line.

Our team will work in conjunction with you and create stellar packaging for your brand to project our deep understanding of your ideal customers and how they’ll respond to various shapes, colors, finishes, and textures.

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