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Hunza valley; a must see place

Hunza valley; a must see place

Visiting Hunza valley is the dream of many of us as we have listened to the extreme beauty of the valley, different traditions, and cultural variability from other areas of Pakistan. It is located in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan and very near to China. Previously very less few of tourists reach there to see natural beauty but now a large number of visitors visit the place each year. It is a long-distance to approach there but when reached to the destination it is an amazing experience. The visitors are not only from Pakistan but from other countries also. Hunza valley is basically a small town with the residents having beautiful hearts. They are welcoming the visitors to their area with a big heart. People enjoy their cultural festivals very interestingly and travel a long distance to join them.


What are the attractions of the valley?

Hunza valley is the worth-watching valley of Pakistan having immensely beautiful places to visit. Karakorum mountain ranges are visible from this area. Traveling on the Karakorum highway is also the wish of many tourists. There are other locations to see at many points near to the highway. Major attractions for tourists all over the world are the beautiful lakes and heritage sites. Passu glaciers and Karakoram ranges are also a reason for attraction. There are also beautiful small villages where the residents live. Cultural festivals of Hunza valley are also a reason of attraction for many tourists. This is the reason that when there is the festival season, these places are crowded with tourists.

How to reach Hunza valley?

To reach Hunza valley, first, you have to travel to Gilgit from Islamabad. You can go by air or by road to Gilgit. From there, it is about 100km away. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Hunza valley from Gilgit. For this long journey and scary roads on mountains, tourists usually do not take risk of driving their own vehicles. They prefer to take services from some experienced travel agencies.

Many of the tourists know the valuable services of Zufta Tour & Travels as they have experienced with them. So where ever they want to plan a tour, they contact them and tell their requirements. Zufta Tour & Travels is the travel agency that offers the best possible Hunza tour packages. Clients can choose the services as per their desire. If you or your family wants to visit the valley, you can contact them. They will arrange a private tour for you within your estimated budget. They also plan tours for educational institutes and have completed many tours successfully. Their travel agents well know the area so can guide the tourists about each and every place. You can visit more and more places with him as compared if you were alone.

Things to know about the area:

If you are planning a tour to Hunza valley, below is some detail about the area.


Before the partition, the area was full of people belonging to different religions. Most of them were Buddhist and Hindus. So their traditions also vary. With the passage of time, some people have embraced Islam but yet their cultural traditions have not completely changed. These are different from other areas of Pakistan and Muslims.

Cultural heritage

There are many cultural heritage sites near Hunza valley which shows that people lived there a long time ago and belonged to other religions except Islam. One of the cultural sites is “Heldeikish rock carvings” which are located between Garnish village and Ataabad Lake. These rock carvings are in various languages like Brahmi, Sogdian, and Kharoshti. The religion of the people who lived there was Buddhism. Archeologists are very interested to visit these places and explore different things. Other tourists also visit these places as this is near to the Karakorum highway.

Beautiful lakes:

There are beautiful lakes there; the most famous is the Ataabad Lake which was formed as a result of land sliding.

Others are “Satrangi Lake”, “Naltar Lake” and Borith Lake”.

Borith lake’s journey includes a thrilling trek but adventurous people love to go there. The best weather to visit these lakes is the summer season from June to October. You will love to enjoy the natural beauty of the places.

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