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Hypothesis Testing in Finance: Concept and Examples

Your investment advisor offers you a monthly income investment plan that offers a variable return every month. You will invest in the plan if you’re assured to get an average of $180 as a monthly income. Your advisor also tells you that for the past 300 months the scheme had returned on investment with an average value of $190 and a standard deviation (S.D) of $75.  So, in this case, the decision of investment in the scheme is to write or not. Here, a hypothesis comes to aid in making such decisions. These situations seem to be critical sometimes. So, you can simply use a critical values calculator that helps to understand how to calculate the critical values of the distribution.


What Is Hypothesis Testing:


The process of hypothesis testing is said to be a claim or an idea about the parameter of interest in the given population set. Calculations are performed on the selected samples to get more effective or decisive information about the characteristics of the entire population. Hypothesis testing enables a systematic way to test the claims or ideas about the entire dataset.


Example of Hypothesis Testing:


The principal of the school claims that the students in her school score an average of 8 out of 10 in the final exams. So, to test this claim we record the marks of 30 students from the entire strength of the school that is 300. Firstly, we calculate the mean from the sample data and then compare the mean to the population mean and attempt to confirm the hypothesis. Finding the critical value with the large data samples is difficult. Simply, try the t critical value calculator to find the critical values of a one-tailed or two-tailed test.


Step 1: Define the Hypothesis:


Defining the hypothesis is the first and the most important part of the procedure to test the claim. Usually, the reported value of the data set is said to be the hypothesis and this reported value is assumed to be true. The hypothesis for the above example will be “students of the school score the average of 8 out of 10 in the final exams”. Finding critical values becomes a complex and daunting task sometimes, so try an online left and right critical value calculator that helps to find the critical values in any tail.


Step 2: Set the Criteria:


Setting up the criteria is another important step involved in hypothesis testing and this step is used to make the decision. We state the significance level to set the criteria. Setting up the criteria about the population is important to calculate the critical values that help to make more accurate decisions. For convenience, you can find the critical values by using the t & z critical value tables or you can also use the z critical value calculator to calculate the z critical value according to the level of significance.


Step 3: Calculate the Statistic:


The test statistic is the number that is calculated from the statistical test of the hypothesis. Basically, the test statistic is used to calculate the p-value of the results and it allows you to make decisions about the rejection of the null hypothesis. Finding critical values are so important for statistical testing and it is also said to be the main factor in testing to validate or disprove the information. To find the critical values, feel free to use the critical value calculator that allows you to calculate the critical Chi-square value that is associated with the significance level and degree of freedom.


Step 4: Reach a Conclusion:


You will have to decide whether to support or refuse the null hypothesis on the basis of the outcome of the statistical test. To make the decision, in most of the cases p-values are used that are generated by your statistical test.  To calculate the critical values of the distribution, you can use the t & z critical value tables or critical value calculator that helps to understand how to calculate critical values of the distributions.




A hypothesis test is a mathematical strategy to check the validity of the null hypothesis with a certain confidence level. Like other mathematical tools, hypothesis testing is also bounded with few limitations. This model is used for making financial decisions and should be considered with a critical eye.

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