IELTS Preparation : Is it Useful to Memorize

Is memorization essential in the IELTS preparation? Our answer is yes! Most of the students believe that memorization is a good technique but it can be the reason for your low marks if you do not use it accurately. That’s what we will discuss in the blog where you need to imply the strategies of memorization. 

The IELTS test is widely accepted by many prominent international countries like the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada as validating evidence of the non-native English speaker. Thousands of candidates enroll in the IELTS every year and shine in the exam by getting 7+ or 8+ band scores. 

The memorization technique helps to score excellent but if applied correctly. The IELTS test is a vast exam that covers writing, listening, reading, and English. Its scores range from 0 to 9, and getting the desired target is easy when a candidate begins preparation from the first day.

Things you can memorize in the IELTS exam:

Additionally, you must be familiar with the great knowledge from exam patterns, question types, syllabus, etc. Our article is dedicated to the memorization technique but if you want detailed information on the IELTS then ask assistance from the Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar


IELTS preparation is about learning the language by insisting on words, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. When it comes to memorization, Vocabulary is the prime task you need to focus on. To achieve the 8+ band score in the IELTS test, your vocabulary must be impressive and superior. To write an essay in the writing test, to give answers during the speaking test to the examiner, finding the right answers from the long passage in the reading section, and understanding the audio of the Britishers at the time of the listening exam, Your mind should be overfilled with the difficult or new words. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to express or give answers in the IELTS test paper. 

The IELTS test is accepted by the top-most world-class foreign countries. Whether you want to do a job or study abroad, you need to crack the IELTS first. The IELTS test is vast and there are several myths related to the exam. Before sitting for the test, you should clear all the clutter from the mind. By doing the same, you can get expert assistance and the professionals from IELTS coaching in Ludhiana might help you in this regard. 

Sentence structure 

An essay structure and sentence structure are also covered in the memorization section. It is completely your choice. If you have good retaining power then you can adopt this practice. 

Important expressions

There are some useful expressions that an aspirant must remember at the time IELTS preparation. Few things like how to express your opinions, a trick to compare and contrast, needful expressions to connect your writing, how someone can ask for justifications, etc. 

Identification proof 

It consists of relevant data and facts which are considered to support your opinion in speaking and writing. There is no need to memorize sentences to sentences or word to word. You should collect the essential keywords and keep in mind what they imply in the text. While writing answers in the exam, elaborate them in your words as per your understanding. 

The performance of the candidate entirely depends upon the understanding or knowledge of the IELTS aspirant. Therefore, keep everything aside first and be aware of the basic concepts of the exam. That will be possible only if you take professional aid from highly-trained language experts in the field of world education and IELTS preparation. There are many Best IELTS institutes in Jalandhar. It is better to connect with them for sound assistance! 

Linking words 

Linking words are the connectors that are used to link ideas in a sentence. They are adverbs such as particularly, because, nevertheless, however, etc. Let’s take another example: 

‘I like food, especially pizza’. 

In this sentence especially, the linking word connects the two words and clears the meaning of the sentence. Linking words is important to make your writing clear. It brings cohesion to the writing skill of the person. Additionally, it puts deep information in the text by stating examples, adding contrast, etc. Suppose, I want to give the IELTS test and search for the best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana. This sentence, and is the linking word that connects two sentences. To improve your English you can learn basic linking words to get desired band scores. 


The best way to learn something is to read or listen and then write. Whether you need to memorize the linking words, vocabulary, or sentence structure, pick out the keywords and write them down in your diary. Make a sentence and repeat it again and again. In this way, you wouldn’t get much difficulty in memorizing the content but it will automatically fix in your mind. The next interesting task is to use these words in your daily conversation with your loved ones. They are not English speakers? No worries! Don’t expect anything in return! Just speak whenever you get a chance to fill those words or phrases. Are they making fun of? Let them be! Focus on your dream vision to walk in your dream country. This aim will encourage you daily to work passionately for your goal. 

Make Paper Charts

Do you remember making class charts during our school time? That’s what you have to do now. Make a list of words or important phrases and prepare a paper chart and hang it on the wall so that you can read it whenever you look at it. 

Final End

In the end, we would like to guide you not to memorize the answers of speaking or writing. Many students make these mistakes as they think they can perform better if they write the scripted answers. An examiner is an expert in his knowledge and they can spot immediately. So, try it minimum and practice the vocabulary along with the above-stated points to get an excellent ranking in the IELTS.

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