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iFun Screen Recorder Benefits

iFun Screen Recorder is an ultra-modern software use to capture every moment happening on screen. It’s free to use application made for PC users who are not allowed to take onscreen screenshots, video recording and audio recording. After lockdown, students have to attend an online class. Sometimes they are not able to understand some issues. But they can, later on, solve the problem by doing a video recording. It’s a very helpful app designed to record and edit hassle-free. IObit is very simple to use for its user-friendly interface. It also assists in recording audio, but you must have a microphone and speaker. IObit iFun Screen Recorder helps in video recording but also assists in taking screenshots in the ongoing conversation. I will talk in brief about why iFun Screen Recorder is very helpful in this web-based era.

iFun Screen Recorder Benefits

Take Desired Screenshots anytime

It’s a pretty feature of screen recorder app. When you are doing an online chat or joined in an online project, you can instantly take screenshots in the middle of work. This can help save the project design and important pictures for later use.

In-Built Edit Option

The most powerful app has the in-built feature of video editing. You can cut, trim and resize the video by using multiple in-built tools. It adopts the GPU hardware acceleration technology, which allows video editing more powerful and stable.

Allows Audio Recording

No need to disappoint if you want to get audio recording. It has the in-built feature of audio recording. You need to have a microphone and speaker to record the audio.

No Time Limit for Video and Audio Recording

This feature makes this app out of the ordinary from others. Unlike others, this app tends to save video and audio recordings with no time limit. You might have a project conversation that takes a longer period of time. No worries, this screen recording app comes with a limitless video recording option.


Lucrative Freedom for Sharing

Yes, now you can send edited video and audio to multiple social networking sites. Once you edit the screen recorder video, you have given a sharing choice. This allows you to share the edited video or image to share on Facebook, Instagram and many other social networking sites.

Share Gaming Experience

Now you can easily take screenshots or record the online gaming experience with family and friends. You can easily take the video of an online game or take screenshots of the achieved score and then easily share this success story with family and friends via social networking sites.

User-Friendly Interface for Beginners

No matter if you have no iFun Screen Recorder application, it simply gets download on Windows PC. It consumes minimal space to adjust in computer. It is as simple as you install other apps.

iFun Screen Recorder app is free to use any time of the day. No need to worry about how it will start. You just need to follow the step-by-step guide featured on screen. It is really a boon for the students and employees who attends an online screen recorder in regular intervals. I hope you get the right information. If you would like to share any views, you can write them in the comment section mentioned below.

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