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Importance of Buffer Tube in a Rifle

If you are into hunting and shooting or you are an owner of AR-15 or are simply interested in knowing about the rifle. Then there is one interesting part about which you should have information and that is Buffer tube kit. This kit is simply a combination of a tube and spring. It may sound simple but it contains some complex mechanisms and main functions.

There are a lot of things that you should know about the buffer tube. Like how it works? Or which one you should buy and what benefits it provides? After having a clear understanding of all these questions, you will be able to improve the quality of your rifle by just selecting the right buffer tube.

How buffer tube functions in the recoil process?

Buffer tube and buffer spring play a major role in the proper functioning of the AR-15. The buffer tube basically provides a cushioning effect between the bolt carrier and receiver. As it provides additional weight which is quite necessary for the cyclic action of the AR-15. However, the main function that the buffer tube provides is that it houses the recoiling mechanism. Which is explained below?

There is a whole lot of complex operation behind this buffer tube system. As soon as the gun is fired, the bolt carrier group will move backward because of the pressure of the gas. When in the rear position this bolt group gets connected with the front portion of the buffer (a large flat portion which is visible on every buffer). The minute the BCG hits buffer it goes backward resulting in the compression of the buffer spring. The compression of the spring results in the further moving back of the front of the buffer, after sufficient recoiling, the spring expands with a sudden rush and pushes the buffer and bolt carrier group forward with a large force.

The bolt carrier group then went into the receiver, resulting in the stripping another round from the magazine. And at last stopping at the end of the buffer tube.

Which buffer tube kit you shouldn’t buy?

With so many buffer options in the market, it is difficult to find which one is better and provides more swift function. There are some buffer and spring combination that weighs so heavy. Because of this heavyweight, the rifles are unable to push the spring back. Therefore, making it difficult to pick up the next round of bullets.

On the contrary, if you pick a buffer/ spring combination that is too light in weight. this will again not perform the recoil properly because the bolt carrier will move so fast that it will miss the next round. Also, the chances of damage to your buffer tube kit become exceptionally high if you buy any combination that is too light in weight.

Which buffer tube kit you should buy?

We talked about what not to buy, not its time to tell what to buy? Well, it’s hard to get your suitable buffer tube kit for a rifle in the first buy. Normally, when you are building a rifle in any caliber there is a series of tests and error at first to get your weapon function properly. After that, you need to get your desired ammunition.

Generally. 5.56 build with H buffers are reliable and considered as a great starting point. Whereas, when looking for a buffer tube kit that provides smooth cycling action JP capturing system is highly recommended. This buffer and spring combination in this system is highly tunable. However, this buffer kit is quite pricey and because of this reason, most people don’t buy it.

When talking about the best buffer and spring combination, we narrowed down the result in two options. First, the Silent Captured spring. Second, an H buffer with a JP polished buffer spring.

What benefits you gain from Buffer tubs?

  1. Eliminates friction:

Friction can cause more harm to your equipment than any other thing. Therefore, one of the major benefits this combination of the buffer-spring system provides is that it eliminates friction to a minimum. This feature results in a smooth and swift motion. Also, as this system does not allow the spring to come in contact with the inside of the buffer tube, this property results in the production of zero amount of sound.

  1. Tuning and cleaning:

Well, this buffer tube provides a chance of removing the tube from the assembly. This feature although it isn’t necessary to have it provides some additional benefits. The removal of spring provides a chance of custom cleaning and tuning. For tuning, you can replace the inner parts with a new one. For instance, if you want to have a heavier buffer you can change your steel weights with tungsten. As tungsten is heavier than steel. Also, you can change the spring.

  1. Large diameter spring coils:

This buffer tube design has some generous space that allows a great deal of spring travel. This travel is suitable to have as it provides a chance of having more diameter of spring coils. This is although a simple mechanism but it results in less fatigue of the spring resulting in the more efficient recoil. Because of this reason many firearms use this system and get benefitted from it.

  1. Locked bolt

The heavier the weight of your buffer will be the more tension it will generate in the spring, which results in the locking of the bolt for an as long time as possible. As it offers the chance of leaving more amount of gas out before unlocking happens.

This feature is considered very beneficial as it will reduce the amount of pressure that accumulates in the upper part of the receiver. Also because of the elimination of gas beforehand you will face less gas at the time of shooting a direct impingement rifle.

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